Thursday, November 3, 2011

embrace the camera - november 2

still pluggin' away at the living room. i've just been working on part of the room each day. too much to roll all the walls at once. we're wrapping up morning lessons and baby's about to take a nap - so we'll get started cutting in part of the last wall then. it's a little chaotic with books everywhere, since we have to move bookcases all around. i will be very glad to have this room back to normal at the end of the weekend.

i actually talk in italics. it's impossible to convey my actual speaking voice without using them. but i try not to overdo it when typed out. italic overkill.

emily's embracing the camera again this week! (edit: umm... no she's not. girl has a lot on her plate. looks like this week ETC was the plate to fall. that's good! i'd much rather see someone forget a blog linky thing than ignore her real life priorities. so i'll link up to the week before.) i had this freeze frame of a flip video from mid-October. very much a normal part of everyday lately. not the best quality, but still much better than never capturing that moment at all.

baby's getting bigger, slowly but surely. she's 10 weeks old now and almost out of her preemie clothes! she weighed in at 10 lbs. buck necked this morning. four more ounces and she'll have doubled her birthweight! :) since she's healthy, gaining, and strong, I can say it's been really fun having a baby be so little for so long. some of our babies gained weight so quickly that the teeny newborn stage seemed to pass overnight.

i'm soakin' her up. she's such a love.

a video

do you like to watch videos on blogs as much as i do? there's just something about posts with videos, especially if i've been reading the blog for a while... seeing photos, reading about lives. then, there's a video, and the blogger seems more like a real person than they did before. but, maybe i'm just weird like that.

i'm posting a video tonight. not because i think i'm this terribly interesting person or that you've been dying to see more of me, me, me. just because i think they're fun. and they do show a different side of things that photos alone cannot. and can i just say that i'm thankful for vimeo? i wouldn't feel comfortable uploading to youtube, but vimeo seems to have tighter controls in place and it's easy to use. after trying to upload in a slew of diferent ways, vimeo turned out to be the best option. so, props to vimeo.

we got started on our little list for the week. i figured since the painting was by far the biggest deal on there, that was a good place to start. plus, the day was pretty mild so i could have the windows open.

boosting morale from homeforthebetter on Vimeo.

i wanted the children to help. problem is i "don't do very well" when i have too many helpers in a small space all at once. but, i wanted them to be a part of the painting today. i want them to feel some sense of ownership when it comes to these never-ending house projects. and kind of boost morale in a way. we can all get tired of the paint cans and exposed walls.

so, the younger two (besides baby) helped with the first coat and the older two helped with the second. even with those shifts, i still broke it down more and worked with one child at a time. it went surprisingly well. i kept a wet paper towel nearby to wipe the excess paint off the baseboards and take care of any drips that dripped away. i was fairly relaxed. i think they had fun.

half of the room is done now.


more of the list tomorrow!

(what do you think? do you like the video post? should i do more of this kind of thing?)