Monday, July 2, 2012

summer mornings

Just popping in to say hey. And to share a little of what our mornings have looked like. Basically housework (not pictured), a tiny bit of school work (still - ugh), and lots of time outside. Except for lately... the weather has been HOT for about a week and a half now and we've been recluses inside unless the pool is involved. Life feels a little busier than I'd prefer for summer break, but it's not terribly crazy. Just crazy enough that this little space has to take its place in line.

Oh, by the way, someone asked (quite a while ago now) if the children watch tv much. The answer is, not at all on weekday mornings. Occasionally on a late afternoon here and there they will watch a movie on DVD. But, the only actual "tv" they watch is Saturday morning cartoons, and I think it's been over a month since they've even watched those. I don't think tv is a villain. It has its uses. But, in general, we like to keep screen time pretty minimal. Like, maybe 2 hours DVD and maybe 2 hours computer per week for the older girls. Little Dude and Punkin don't get that much computer time.

That's just how things work for us. We've never had cable. It's just not something we really think a lot about. Besides, I think too much tv makes them grumpy. Do you? But, maybe that's just my kids.

Stay cool out there, guys! It's supposed to top 100 degrees tomorrow. I'm heading to Babies R' Us por la manana to nab a battery operated baby fan. Then, we're going to the pool.

Swim lessons.

But we might as well stay most of the day. Right?

p.s. Shug is still around, of course, but - truth be told - she's a late riser :) Summer mornings usually find her snoozing in bed more than an hour later than rest of us. I'll make a point of getting her in the next post!