Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making Home {photo project} 10


I am feeling, like, 200% better overnight. Very weird. Like someone flipped a switch and I was... better. Soooo thankful for that!

I'm still not running up and down the stairs or anything, but I think I'll actually sit at the kitchen table and eat dinner with my family tonight! It's been exactly a week since I've shared a meal with them.

They have all been so precious. Seriously. Not perfect (who is?)... but so loving and precious. They've all made cards and little notes for me. This one from Shug cracked me up. It's so her. "To the Conqueror, having fought the evil Lord K. Stone and destroyed him." ha.

I had to cheat a wee bit this week on the Making Home stuff. I couldn't really take any pics after the surgery until today. So, I took this one this afternoon, but I'm including it because it's really about last week. Make sense? My in-laws sent me those lovely tulips. So bright and cheery.

Last week, when I posted the MH photos, I mentioned that something was different. I had shot almost all of those photos at f/1.8 (which I don't normally do) and I had edited them all differently than my usual method, too. I'm liking the "stepped up" editing. I think I've always had a tendency to under edit just a tad. Can you tell a difference? Probably not.

Total change of topic... but, I've been thinking about blogging... why we do it. Why it's worthwhile. I appreciate so much that you guys come back here to read. That you leave a little note. I've been thinking about the blogs that I feel like really build me up... either by giving me perspective that I might not otherwise have, reminding of things I know are true, or encouraging me to be thankful and delight in the blessings of my gracious God.

I want to build you guys up, too. But, I'm not really one to speak poetically or write in flowery language. I am a pretty sentimental person... commercials can make me cry at the drop of a hat... but, that's not really what I want from this blog. Lots of sentimentality. If I encourage you, I hope it's to see that there's a lot to read between the lines in Blogland. Even if someone presents their life as nearly perfect... it isn't. Real life is not smooth and easy and Pinterest-ready. There is laundry. There are bills. There is illness.

But, there is beauty.

And, let's face it, all of you reading this are among the world's wealthiest people. There is blessing. In theological terms, we call it the "common grace" of God. He sends rain. He shines the sun. He gives babies impossibly adorable buns. Although we ignore Him, defy Him, and sometimes even deny His existence... He gives.

He gives.

Monday, January 28, 2013

So, I had surgery the other day...

Hey, all :)

I'm happy (and thankful) to report that I'm on the mend after Thursday's surgery. It was fairly minor... but surgery is surgery, I'd guess. Not pleasant. But, I'm glad to have it done. My kidney stone was larger than the x-ray had indicated because much of the outer most layers were soft and didn't show up. It turned out to be just slightly smaller than a golf ball.

A golf ball.


So, I'm resting. And resting. And resting.

I went downstairs today for the first time since Friday night. I can't seem to be comfortable for long anywhere else but propped up in my bed. But, really, even when I'm uncomfortable... it's not bad at all. I think of all the major surgeries my poor mom has gone through. This is nothing in comparison.

Since I'm sitting here staring out the window, I might as well post something, right? I took my camera into bathtime with Baby the other night. I miss her. I've read her a few books, snuggled her some, but she's kind of in a bouncey, rough stage. I can't have her on my lap for long. And it will probably be weeks before I can give her a bath, again. So, I'll share those photos and we'll all smile at her squishy cuteness together :)

Sweet baby girl.

I'm seeing the children, of course. And definitely hearing them. It's just not... normal. Yet. And it's weird to not be in a position to take care of your own family. To have your husband take care of you. Strange.

I've been more emotional that I thought I would be... I'm always analytical and reflective, but I didn't really expect to cry. But I've just been missing normal... but being thankful that normal is there to get back to. Lots and lots of thankfulness.

Finally, today I just had Punkin and Dude come sit on my bed and cut out paper hearts with me. Just to do something motherly with them. I think that was good for us all. And we'll make a cute garland for the kitchen out of them. I like that.

And baby just sat here beside me for a while tearing up toilet paper and trying to stuff it in my mouth. Which cracked me up completely. Sam walked in to see shredded toilet paper on the bed and just shook his head at me.

Deep down he loves my gypsy ways :)

I don't think we'll be away from normal all that long. I already feel so much better than I did Friday night. I'm hoping to be able to be with the children alone by the weekend. Until then, my sister and mom are helping. Friends from church are bringing dinners. I couldn't be more supported or feel more loved.

It's very humbling... in a good way.

Sam and I are about to snuggle up together and watch a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey. We're behind and trying to catch up. Please, do NOT tell me about last night's episode! I had to block a good friend's Facebook post today for fear of reading too much. I know it was something shocking, though.


I love shocking.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Making Home {photo project} 9

Hi, guys :)

I'm wondering if you're going to notice anything different about this week's Making Home shots. There are actually *two* differences this week... in all the photos.

I'm still taking Kristin Roger's The Inspired Home class. It's been... good. Honestly, very different from what I had expected going into it. But, good. I know I've learned valuable things as a "photographer". They weren't necessarily the things I was setting out to learn, but they were maybe things I didn't realize I needed to work on. Does that make sense? And without the class, I may not have realized it for a while.

This week is focused on being a "present" parent, living a creative life with your family, and documenting it all... even the mundane. I can't say there was a whole lot new for me to chew on in the lesson per se, but as in other weeks, I know the discussion and sharing of photos from other women in the class is going to be very, very profitable. And I'm really looking forward to that.

Speaking of documenting it all (even the mundane)... here's my five for the week. It doesn't really get more mundane than a hallway mirror with someone walking down the steps in the background, does it? ha ha.

I'm probably going to be a little scarce for the next week or so. I have a minor surgery scheduled for Thursday morning. I've never "gone under the knife" before, so it's kind of weird to think about. But, it's nothing dangerous. A routine kidney stone removal. But, because of the small fact that they have to cut into one of my major organs, it is an overnight stay. Weird.

I'll be back as soon as I'm coherent enough.


Y'all have a GREAT week. Bye!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

a nursery peek & MH 8

Well, this is kind of goosey.

Because, usually, I would have around five Making Home photos to share and add to the collage page. BUT, this week was a 10 on 10... and I really want to use a couple of those photos... and one of the bird kissie pics... but you've already seen those, so...

What do I do? Post TWO whole pictures?


Especially when these are the two I have for this past week (last week)...

A new tablecloth and a birdfeeder.

Rockin' your socks!

Now what?



Let's take a peek at the nursery! Why not? I'm taking forever to finish it (as usual). So, let's just take a little sneakity peek. Baby and SweetP were playing in there together the other day, and I took advantage of the pretty light. You can peep in corners and scope out the background. I'm really hoping to get a true "reveal" up soon!

A couple of smallish painting projects and a few hours at the sewing machine and I'm done. It's just finding the time for those last bits, you know? I'll be sure to share real deal photos when I wrap it up in here, though!

If you're interested in seeing which photos I added to the Making Home project, remember you can always get there via the sidebar button or just click here.

Thanks so much for the encouraging words, lately, guys. They mean a lot :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

kissing birds

Hey, guys!

I mentioned last week that I'm taking a class this month with Kristin Rogers.

Among other topics, one of the things I feel like I've been personally challenged by most is how I use the light available in our home.

I'm pretty much always going for the same kind of shot. Bright, colorful, and evenly exposed.

But, sometimes, that's just not possible. And, I'm learning, sometimes it isn't even the best option.

So, I'm playing around with the light more than usual. Which is fun. Several of you noticed that in my most recent 10 on 10. Thank you for the kind comments :)

It's good to learn something new... to start making the most of any lighting situation, instead of just relying on the same old tried and true.

We just finished up the first of four weeks in the class. This week is on shooting in manual mode... which I already do. But, I know there will be plenty of room for learning and growing. And the women in the class with me are wonderful. Very encouraging and challenging.

I'm looking forward to it :)

This was Baby's first time wearing piggy tails. Scrumptious.

Hope y'all have a great night. Thanks for coming by!

Friday, January 11, 2013

1.10.13 Ten on Ten

Whew! I'm a little late to the party, but doggonit, I'm getting these photos posted! Some months it can feel like a small miracle to remember it's the tenth and then to actually take the ten photos. This month, downloading, editing, and posting was just a bit too much to try to do all in one day. So, here's my ten... on the eleventh :)

We've been sickies here all week. Thankfully, no tummy bug, but the deep chest cough, fever, and congestion road instead. Baby and I have been the worst. But, I think we're both turning a corner now.

One of the nice things about having slightly older children is being able to go to the bathroom or take a shower without fear for anyone's life. Or without having to constantly stop the water because you are just sure you heard the baby crying.

The hot, hot shower felt so nice. My head and face were so sore.

Not all of the children are sick, but I was. So, more or less, this was a sick day for us school wise. We got a little bit done in the afternoon, but it wasn't a full day.

Baby loved the extra playtime.

We were making a meal for some friends who recently added three children to their family. My older girls were so, so helpful. You know the old saying... many hands make light work!

Reading during the younger ones' rest time...

And a little playtime afterward.

I lost a little time getting to my next shot. I was driving the meal over to my friend's house. I remembered about ten on ten just in time and took this with my phone on the way back.

A side benefit of taking meals to others is that I can just double (or triple) whatever I'm making, and we wind up with an extra nice dinner for our own family, too.

Don't they looked thrilled to be doing this together? ha ha ha.

All in all a good day. Kind of a "family effort" kind of day. Which is always encouraging, to see your children help out extra when you're just not 100%. My kids bless the socks off me.