Tuesday, January 8, 2013

making home {photo project} 7

Oopsie daisy. I guess time got away from me this week! I had several posts I had intended on sharing, but they never saw the light of day.

We started back to school on the 2nd and have been gradually getting used to being responsible again after a long Christmas break. This week, we've had a little bit of the sickies. Nothing dramatic... fever... congestion.

Have I mentioned that I'm taking a photography class? It's through The Define School and it's taught by Kristin Rogers. Kristin's style is very different from my own, but I'm already learning a lot about manipulating the available light... which is big!

I'll share some of my homework images when the first lesson wraps up.

For now, I have another set of Making Home pics for you. These were taken before the start of the class, but I was already starting to think about using light differently. These are darker than my norm. I don't normally shoot much at night... if at all... but I wanted to try to capture some cozy, homey, wintertime images, and what's cozier than candles or a fire at night?

Here we go. Week 7 already!

I'm finally starting to get some photos printed out and put up around the house. That scrunchy nosed one of Baby cracks me up. I had it printed at Mpix and mounted on a kind of cardboard backing. That way the steam from the shower doesn't make the edges curl up or anything.

I probably will post a little less this month. The class takes some time that I would normally use for posting. But, I'll still be popping in to share my Making Home photos and some of the shots from the class.

Hope you're having a great start to the year!

See ya!


Angel said...

Aaaack! I was just looking into photog classes at our community college. So happy to read this post and learn about the Define School. Totally checking that out...thanks!
From the first time I visited your blog for a 10on10, I've always admired your photo skills- always beautiful and so full of gorgeous light. AND your words are just as great :)
Scrunchy baby nose is adorable!

Danielle Huddleston said...

Photography class sounds fun! I did a couple online free ones but that is it so far. Beautiful pics.

nanato8 said...

yes, those pics are so pretty. I love the fireplace one. Of course having a good camera certainly makes a difference. Keep up the good work, honey. Love you. mom