Friday, January 11, 2013

1.10.13 Ten on Ten

Whew! I'm a little late to the party, but doggonit, I'm getting these photos posted! Some months it can feel like a small miracle to remember it's the tenth and then to actually take the ten photos. This month, downloading, editing, and posting was just a bit too much to try to do all in one day. So, here's my ten... on the eleventh :)

We've been sickies here all week. Thankfully, no tummy bug, but the deep chest cough, fever, and congestion road instead. Baby and I have been the worst. But, I think we're both turning a corner now.

One of the nice things about having slightly older children is being able to go to the bathroom or take a shower without fear for anyone's life. Or without having to constantly stop the water because you are just sure you heard the baby crying.

The hot, hot shower felt so nice. My head and face were so sore.

Not all of the children are sick, but I was. So, more or less, this was a sick day for us school wise. We got a little bit done in the afternoon, but it wasn't a full day.

Baby loved the extra playtime.

We were making a meal for some friends who recently added three children to their family. My older girls were so, so helpful. You know the old saying... many hands make light work!

Reading during the younger ones' rest time...

And a little playtime afterward.

I lost a little time getting to my next shot. I was driving the meal over to my friend's house. I remembered about ten on ten just in time and took this with my phone on the way back.

A side benefit of taking meals to others is that I can just double (or triple) whatever I'm making, and we wind up with an extra nice dinner for our own family, too.

Don't they looked thrilled to be doing this together? ha ha ha.

All in all a good day. Kind of a "family effort" kind of day. Which is always encouraging, to see your children help out extra when you're just not 100%. My kids bless the socks off me.


Deb said...

Your kids look so sweet. You truly are blessed.

Boni Lady said...

Your 10 on 10 are great! I love the last one with the lit up dark room... super cool! I posted my 10 on 10 this morning since I had to work 5p-midnight last night! Oh well... at least I did it!
P.S. I set an alert for the 10th of every month on my cell so I never forget!
Great pics & beautiful family!

nanato8 said...

Honey, first of all I am so thankful that you all seem to be on the mend. The pics are wonderful. The one with baby playing with the toy (can't think of the name of it) is adorable. She looks so big! Give kisses and love u all, mom

Angel said...

Sorry some of you aren't feeling well, hope you're all better soon :)
Again, lovely photographs.
Such sweet family shots. Gorgeous family you have there! Love the fort, dinner and the last one is a stunner.

Brooke said...

oh goodness, totally relate to thing with older kids and showers! i love the little leg warmers (and i spy cloth dipes!). we don't do school when momma's sick at all, so kuddos for getting some done at least :) also, i dig the star wars cups. i wish i had them ;)

your photos are lovely! your family is beautiful.

Kiki said...

Beautiful set (as always!). I really loved that last photo--those hanging clouds are awesome and such a great idea! It would definitely make me want to read more. :)

I hope you + your family gets better real soon!

Melissa Stover said...

so glad to meet you jacci!

Jess said...

Your 10 on 10's always make me smile! That last photo is amazing.