Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How cool is this website? Colorcharts. org!

You can browse around for forever if you're a color junkie like me, or you can search a specific paint name and oila! There it is. It gets really fun (and addictive), though, when you select the color you're searching for and then click on the "match this" button directly below the color square. The site gives you the names and brands of lots of different colors that match your choice! It's just good, clean fun :)


Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Blog Test: Big Pics from Flickr

Just putzing around here tonight, y'all - trying to see if I can upload larger photos onto the blog through Flickr. I could through Blogger, too, but I'm only alotted so many gigawigs per month or something. Just a test :)

Living Room (previous house)

Previous house. I was always bugged by the random strip of tile running alongside the living room carpeting. Really, though, who's going to rip out brand new tile just because it bugs them a little? I did like the southern exposure of this room, though. And the higher ceilings. This photo was taken just after the carpet guys cleaned up and we put the house on the market. Praise the Lord it sold so quickly!

Living Room (previous house)

Woah! Too big, Flickr!

Here's the living room of the new house. This was taken a month or two after moving in. I was selling the sofa and both loveseats on craigslist. This photo is compressed in Photo Manager and then selected as "medium" from Flickr.

Living Room (shortly after move)

Same photo uploaded straight to Blogger.

Test complete. "Medium" from Flickr it is. Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

**LABOR** Day Weekend at Home for the Better

Hmmm. That's odd. Why in the world would Sam and Jacci have half their belongings in the middle of the driveway?

There isn't a yard sale? How strange.

And why are their children running around like little scantily clad ragamuffins, playing with a pint-sized version of a clothes line... all day long? (Well, and bikes, too... and water).

I'll tell you why. But, here's warning, the next pic is a little gross. And if you're from PETA, sorry, sista - but this guy crossed into my turf.

Are you ready??? Don't say I didn't warn you.

That's why.

To keep myself from looking like a completely cruel human being, I must let you know that I carried a nursing mama mouse out in a recycling bin... alive and well... along with her three hairless babies. Yeesh. We put them in the woods. They'll probably crawl right back in.

This garage has basically been asking for mice since we moved in. Everything that was on hold, waiting for a place to be, was waiting in there. Nasty, nasty business, y'all. Lots of scrubbing and tossing sweeping and bleaching.

Oh, and lots of peppermint-ing. I read online that mice really despise the smell of peppermint oil. The children and I headed over to the local health food store and picked up a bottle of 100% pure peppermint essential oil (not extract!) for around $8. I dripped some on half a dozen cottonballs and then placed the cottonballs along the walls and in corners. I really hope it keeps them out. I'd rather not snap 'em if we can avoid it.

I about worked myself to the bone, but on the plus side, Sam felt sorry for me and brought home some smokin' pad thai for dinner :) Yum!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! Oh, and remember - Little Dude wants you to be sure to have a potsticker to celebrate :)