Monday, May 14, 2012

why am i such a dork?


I say 'yes' to things I should not say yes to.

This week, for instance, I'm smack in the middle of organizing the food for our church's 50th anniversary dinner. Nevermind I'm solely responsible for the education of these children. Nevermind we're about to give in and just move in to the soccer complex. Nevermind I have no clean underwear for tomorrow. Nevermind we don't have groceries. Nevermind I have no business adding anything to our schedule at this point in our lives. I'm just going to go ahead and organize dinner for a whole bunch of people! Because that is such. a. great. idea!

Ridiculous. Someone please kick me in the head.

I'm trying to learn from this. I really am. It's hard to know when to say 'no' when it seems like your particular gifts are needed. I don't like to pass it off to someone else who I know it's going to likely burden. It feels like I'm saying here, you do this because I don't want to do this. But, I'm learning to trust God with what I can't do. To say 'no' when everyone else who has a lick of sense would say no.

So, guess what all that means. No posts for you!

Except more iPhone posts. Because I can at least take twenty minutes to get some iPhone pics up. Then the blog doesn't look so lonely and forlorn with a week old post date.

I dumped my phone again. Just so I'd have something for you.

Such love.

I had a very nice Mother's Day. My gift is always the same. I go out and buy my annuals. I love, love, love shopping for plants. Some women get a thrill out of buying shoes, I get spine tingles from a perfect shade of salmon geraniums to go beside my salvia.

And even more than I love buying them, I love planting them and watering them in.

Watering plants is just about one of the most relaxing things on earth.

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend. By Saturday night my eyes, all around my nose, and even around the outside of my mouth were tingly from the pollen assaults. Thank you, massive cottonwoods.

But, it was worth it. I think.

My iPhone was dead on Sunday, and I never charged it up. Not a single picture from Mother's Day! But, it was still a really sweet day. I woke up to a small crowd gathered around my bed with tart cherry jam on toast and coffee. Perfect. And all the children pitched their money in together to buy me a gift just from them this year. It was waiting for me on the kitchen table when I came down. A Twix bar and a Coke Zero. I felt so understood.

SweetP and Shug are sleeping in their new room now. As of last night. There's no door on the room, mind you, but they were beyond ready. We ordered a new bunkbed for them, and it was delivered last week. Sam was able to put it together after many hours of travail on Saturday evening. They really love it. Very fun.

Baby is getting TWO teeth. But, I don't have a picture of those, either. Mainly because whenever I try to get so much as a glimpse of her little teethers, she pinches her lips up tight and shakes her head.

She's doing well with it, but I do feel like the teething is wearing her out a bit. She fell asleep just like this beside me earlier today.

We're closing in on the last of the soccer games this week. Two of the kids finish up on Saturday and then we have a game on Monday and one on Tuesday and that's it! I've really loved watching them play. They're so into it. And I've loved watching them learn and improve. But, I'm ready to be done. I'm ready to wrap it up. Ready for the pool!

And the 50th anniversary thing is Friday night. So, that will be over before we know it, too.

Then we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Unless I'm a complete dork again and commit to organizing a block party or single-handedly running VBS.

Y'all pray for me, 'kay?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

one of those

It's one of those weeks.

Still lots of soccer. Still chugging away at the last month of school. Still washing slipcovers. Still attempting (in vain) to pick all the maple tree helicopters out of the flower beds.

But, also this week, I'm working on getting all the summer clothes lined up for the kids and all the cold-weather clothes put away. Oh, and I'm trying to make those new clothing choices modest. For an eleven year old girl. On a budget. It's been a good exercise in creativity.

Point is, I'm not sure how much all my bloggy thoughts are going to actually make it into posts this week. As much as I would like to write them down and share them with you, I have to be wise with my time.

But, since I'm already here tonight...

I might as well share a quick phone dump, right? The Instagram pics load so fast. Why not? (My instagram account is private, but if you'd like to follow, I'll be happy to approve it if I recognize you from the comments - just shoot me an email).

These are some of my favorite Instagrams from April :)

Yes, I have a gumball machine. We've always kept it in the pantry to try to minimize the "can I have a gumball" mania. But, when Meg moved, I put it out on the kitchen counter. Therapy.


I wish my nails were orange red here. But, who am I kidding? Like I paint my nails.

Does it get more random than showing Easter eggs in the middle of May?

They aren't really drinking it. That would be gross.


Now, time to go to Target before it closes. I need OxiClean and squash baby food.

Peace out.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

shug's mama date (ETC)

I really need to work on getting out my real camera for some ETC action. But, the iPhone is just right there. Being all small and portable. Being all easy to hold up in front of me. Making embracing so easy! Still, it's the quality. I want some crisp, clear, high-resolution shots with my kiddos, too. But, iPhone... you pull me in.

Especially on days like last Saturday. When there's no way I was gonna lug that biggie camera around all day.

On half birthdays, I take my girls out for an all day Mama Date. On Dude's half birthday, Sam takes him hiking, just the two of them. The girls pretty much get to pick what we do... but, I may throw a request in here or there. And, of course, I have full veto power. It has to be something we can easily do in just one Saturday.

Shug wanted to visit the replica of the Santa Maria.

She's really into this kind of thing.

If only there had been pirates, but no. Only gold-hungry, history-making explorers.

Thankfully the rain held off for most of the morning. The ship was fun! And I really liked letting her take her time, just focusing on her interests.

Then lunch at a nearby restaurant. One of my favorites.

Because these pancakes are the best stinkin' pancakes known to man. They're made with ricotta. Sounds weird, but they're fantastic.

The some shopping. But, not before I took a little nap in World Market's parking lot.

Not kidding.

Disappointing World Market day. All I found was the two mugs I originally went for and a hook for my bags in the entryway. The stuff at World Market is just too global-looking for me. Go figure.

A little more putzing around and then... Jeni's. Too expensive to take all the kids at once. Perfect for a mama date :)

Have you heard of Jeni's? It's one of the top 5 ice creams in the U.S. It may even be #1... not really up on my ice cream stats. But, at any rate, it's seriously good. Bizarre flavor combos or more traditional ones with just a little flare added in.

I almost always get the same thing. Because I'm boring. And too safe. Salty Caramel. But, I know I won't go away wishing I had chosen a different flavor.

Can I show you the inside of this little shop? It has nothing to do with ETC or our Mama Date, but it's just too cute.

Those are cupcake liners. And how great is that tile?

So fun.

I branched out and got crazy. I got two half scoops and tried a new flavor. One half scoop Salty Caramel and one half scoop Honey Pistachio. YUM. But, I still liked the Salty Caramel best :)

We had a terrific day. I so look forward to taking my girlies out one on one. Sometimes we get closer to the true half birthday mark than others (this one was 4 months late!), but it's always fun to just hang out and do some special things together.


(That was for you, Emily.)

Happy Embracing, y'all!