Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my favorite "real" kid bedrooms

Yesterday, I shared some inspiration photos that I felt were good examples of "lovely but real" kid bedrooms. I did not, however, share my favorites. I've saved those for today's post. I had two of them to share, but then I clicked on that messy Pinterest room (which was, indeed, Swedish) and just decided to add that in to the mix, too. I can't seem to refuse a good Swedish room these days.

Here was the photo I shared in yesterday's post.

And here we have the rest of the same room... I think. I admit, it's a little confusing to me. The castle may have been photographed in more than one room over time. Regardless. It's such a great room.

Do you see that in the corner? That is serious coolness.

What kid wouldn't love that?


I think one of the keys to this room looking so great, despite its large accumulation of stuff, is that the room itself (minus the kid stuff) is severely simple. All white - it's Sweden, after all. The bed is white. The walls are white. The windows are white. The castle is white. The floor is white. The table and chairs are white. The side table is white. And all these major furnishings are simple. Nothing elaborate. This first layer is 100% WHITE! And then, bam! Color, color everywhere. And all the mess doesn't look like too much. It all "goes" because none of it "goes" and just about anything could fit in and still look happy and pretty. Even a Spiderman costume looks completely right. I just love this.

So, that room was a happy little bonus added on to what I was originally going to share. The two rooms I mentioned before.

I'll just warn you now. They are both a little over the top.

And one is Swedish.

What can I say?

First up. A tween girl's bedroom that was featured on Apartment Therapy.

Source: re-nest.com via Jacci on Pinterest

When I first came across this room, I just stared and stared at it for the longest time. It was so relaxed, so real, but - at the same time - so perfectly done. Interestingly, this room was done by a designer working with the young "client". I was so impressed when I realized that. Not that a designer had been hired, but that a designer had managed to pull off such an authentic and unpretentious room.

SweetP is dying over that hanging chair.

Who makes polar bear wallpaper look this good? I mean, seriously.

Do you like this at all? Am I crazy? I would never in a million years have come up with these combinations. On paper, it would've made me cringe. But, I like it. To me, it just looks like a room you want to be in.

It looks so effortless. So collected. But, it's crazy chic in a kid-friendly way.

I would love to hear the designer talk about her process of working with this young girl. I could go on and on. But, I think you've heard me babble enough. I like this so much. (One negative... the mismatched tiny little lamps. I don't get those. But, who cares?! The rest is super cool).

Okay. The second one. I'm not sure if this is currently my favorite real kid's room or if the polar bear room takes top billing. It may be a tie. This one, believe it or not, is even busier and bolder than the polar bears...

I cannot think of a single little girl who would not walk into this room and immediately FREAK OUT.

In a good way, of course.

I almost think it's too much. But, then, I think it's only "too much" for adults.

Actually, there really is a rhyme and reason to this space. There's a color scheme. At first I couldn't figure out how the green got in there. Did the mom just know it would work and went for it? In reading the room tour Q&A, though, I found out the green had come from the little leaves in the wallpaper. It's really a fun interview. The pinterest pics link to it if you'd like to check it out.

Nobody in Sweden seems to care if a "tacky line" gets crossed. Wrap red polka dot fabric around a deep pink curtain rod? Why not! She'll love it!

I could use more that "why not?!" with our own rooms.

Who cares? It makes you smile, right? Then nail it to the wall, already!

The bed had been the mother's when she was a child. So personal. So heart-felt.

So, these are my favorites. These are rooms that make me want to move in and re-read my Sweet Valley High books and tape up posters of Kirk Cameron. These rooms are all about kids. They are, admittedly, a little crazy. But, it's such a nice kind of crazy.

Just filled with love.

So, I want to know. What made an impression on you in the days of your youth? What was your favorite thing about your childhood bedroom?

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Rebecca said...

I love the rooms from this post and my girls do too! Growing up there were only 3 things I liked about my room: the white wrought iron bed frame, the pink cafe curtains made by my Aunt and an old, green worn out couch I begged my mother to let me have. My mom didn't have much of a sense of interior design, so she let us pretty much do what we wanted. :)