Friday, May 31, 2013

Nursery Tour on Life Made Lovely!

How fun is this? Lily's room is featured today over at Life Made Lovely! I would love it if you would check it out :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making Home (photo project) - April

Heeeeey, there! (waving smiley face)

Did you think I was gone? Me, too. But then I discovered I wasn't.

It is late, peeps. But I have missed you. And this sweet little blog. So, I want to post something already!

When I logged on to Blogger tonight and came to the Woohooie homepage, I remembered by photo project. I had pretty much forgotten I was even doing one until just then. Thankfully, I hadn't forgotten that I liked to take pictures, so I still have a pretty decent showing for my April MH. Obviously, they're a month late. But who's picky like that?

You know the drill by now. Quick captions for most. Chit chattiness for others.

Pretty light.

New shelf and such in the kitchen. I like it!

More pretty light and an even prettier babe. For several weeks she was obsessed with climbing this little step ladder and looking out the front door windows. Looking for doggies. Looking at trees. Waiting for Daddy. So sweet. The ladder was there because I was (and still am) painting the interior side of the front doors gray. Much lighter in the foyer that way.

I was having a grumpy day. So I organized the books in roygbiv. I can't believe this, but they've actually stayed that way! Apparently, it's fairly easy for the younger ones to put away books by color. And they're just plain happy to gaze upon organized that way.

School. For dayzzzz. Seriously. All that "love of learning" talk we homeschoolers are so fond of is totally out the window at this point in the school year. Who are we trying to kid? These people don't want a thing to do with anything else but the pool.

Both of these pictures make me so thankful for cameras. Sweet little nugget.

The four older kids and I had a movie night one night when Sam was out of town on business. I made it special for them. Snacks, blankies, pillows, staying up late... all that. I also made brownies. Yummo. Something told me when I put four full glasses of milk on the coffee table... On her way back to the couch from a bathroom break, one of the girls tripped and careened straight into the table. Milk flew EVER.Y.WHERE. It was a good excuse to shampoo the carpets. And wash all the slipcovers. And all the throw pillows, too. Oh, and the curtains.

And while the curtains are down and the sofa is moved out of the way, why not just paint a little?

But just a little. Because paneling is a pain in the neck to paint. It took forever to do one wall.

I must've been working on light in April. Lots of backlighting going on. Kiss the baby, Daddy! :)

Silliness. This child is TOO OLD to still take a bottle. But, we're suckers and give them to her anyway. (We're down to only at night now... progress!)

Have you had Trader Joe's chocolate croissants? Totally worth it in every way.

And... more school. We're getting really close to wrapping up the school year now. A little over two more weeks! I am really, really ready. We all are.

So, what have YOU all been up to? Anything exciting?