Tuesday, June 25, 2013

monday morning

I'm coming out of retirement, y'all.

Molly's class is going to want me to blog it seems. So, I blog.

I tried sharing these photos in other ways, but really - there isn't a whole lot more gratifying than seeing your photos in a blog post. Well, except having them actually in your hands. But on the interwebs... a blog is hard to beat.

I took these all this morning. Baby found the hose out front, and the rest was hooliganism at its finest :)

Here at the end of a crazy busy June, summer is well underway. Time to breathe...

Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm pumped.

I'm starting a new photography class today. It's called Visual Storytelling and Molly Flanagan is the instructor. Ex. cit. ed!

I was browsing through Molly's website just now, and was so pleased to see a little blur going on. I've been enamored with blur lately. I think it's been brought on by some really inspirational ladies I follow on IG.

I've only browsed the first lesson, and although I feel like in many ways I've already worked through the main ideas presented in this first week, I'm still so thrilled. I know from past experience in online classes that I will learn a ton through comments from classmates and from taking the time to really dig in to the topics deeply. I'm in the mood to push myself, and since we're wrapping school up this week (hurray!), I'll have more time to do just that.

I'll have more time to blog, too, which is also exciting!

So, I'm in a good place creatively. I'm coming out of a significant "big camera" rut... ruts stink. Big times. But I can sense my enthusiasm springing back to life. I'm ready to grow and expecting to grow. And that feels good :)

Do y'all have some project or hobby lined up to fuel your mind this summer? I know it can be so difficult with little ones, but the hobby doesn't have to be big or fabulous or time-consuming. But just a little something lined up? I'd love to hear about it!