Thursday, January 17, 2013

a nursery peek & MH 8

Well, this is kind of goosey.

Because, usually, I would have around five Making Home photos to share and add to the collage page. BUT, this week was a 10 on 10... and I really want to use a couple of those photos... and one of the bird kissie pics... but you've already seen those, so...

What do I do? Post TWO whole pictures?


Especially when these are the two I have for this past week (last week)...

A new tablecloth and a birdfeeder.

Rockin' your socks!

Now what?



Let's take a peek at the nursery! Why not? I'm taking forever to finish it (as usual). So, let's just take a little sneakity peek. Baby and SweetP were playing in there together the other day, and I took advantage of the pretty light. You can peep in corners and scope out the background. I'm really hoping to get a true "reveal" up soon!

A couple of smallish painting projects and a few hours at the sewing machine and I'm done. It's just finding the time for those last bits, you know? I'll be sure to share real deal photos when I wrap it up in here, though!

If you're interested in seeing which photos I added to the Making Home project, remember you can always get there via the sidebar button or just click here.

Thanks so much for the encouraging words, lately, guys. They mean a lot :)


nanato8 said...

Jacci, I luv these pics! Baby sure luvs her baby dolls. I think the last one is my favorite such beautiful girls. Love u and them so much. Give kisses. Love, mom

Danielle Huddleston said...

Such adorable pics! Girls clothes are so much fun! I buy way too many for my nieces but I cannot help it! They are just too cute!