Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still, It *IS* Progress...

We are slow as all get out with this kitchen cabinet thing. See, we tend to be rather... ahem... driven people (both firstborns and all that), and we're trying very, very hard to be balanced as we approach this remodel. We're trying to go at it a little here and a little there - Consistency is our watchword - not letting it eat up all of our family time or run us needlessly into the ground.

That's all fine and good, but when on earth are we going to finish these cabinets?

Based on the length of time it's taken to (almost) finish the first quarter of the job, I'm estimating we'll be completely done with painting the cabinets around the end of July. What? Why are you laughing? I told you, we're trying to be mature and balanced here.

But, still, we are making progress. Sam is putting the final coat of paint on two of the four doors tonight, and tomorrow evenings' work should finish up the other two. It's a lovely color. Perfect. I came across it serendipitously, really. I had been choosing outdoor colors for the shutters, garage door, trim, and front doors weeks before we actually needed them because Sherwin Williams had sent this fatty promotional offer email, and we stood to save well over a hundred dollars buying during the promo. Thankfully, I had already been putzing around with ideas in my head, so I was ready to jump on a few color choices when the deal came up. I wanted the exterior trim to be white enough to look fresh and clean, but cream enough to not glare at you and seem out of place. Whites can be so hard to choose. Basically, I took these easy way, grabbed a swatch strip that included one of our other exterior colors, and chose the white at the very top of that strip. Seemed like it would work well with that already-chosen color since they were on the same strip, right? Later that night, I tested the paint colors on sheets of posterboard. As soon as I opened the can of the white I stopped and stared at it. "This is the perfect white. This is exactly what I want for the cabinets." And there you have it :) Sherwin Williams "Panda White". Lame name. Great white.

And we're (almost) one quarter of the way finished with the kitchen cabinets now. Any progress is good progress. Yay.


Anonymous said...

Any progress is definitely progress. I admire you for taking on such a huge project in the first place!

Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments on my blog. We do seem to be in the same phase with our houses and I think in many ways, we share the same approach so I'm really looking forward to keeping up with you. Here's wishing both of us much luck!

Jacci said...

Thought I'd pop in and report that we did not get the cabinets done in July - we finished them in October!!!