Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Personal Work Room

Earlier this year we tore up the carpet tiles in SpareOom - the "bonus" room that we have on the lower level at the back of the house. For a little while we were planning on putting flooring in that room with our income tax money this coming Spring (2010). After using the room for everything from power sanding to cutting to painting, though, I think we've reconsidered. It has been very handy to have our own personal workroom. The paint, the tools, the debris can hang out a bit... no one uses the room for anything else (except a little homeschool storage).

After taking the carpet tiles up, we bleach mopped the concrete.

The saw, of course, remains unplugged when not in use. So handy, though, to be able to break it out for just a half hour or so at a time.

It was such a gorgeous, sunny day when I took these photos. I really got excited about the great light in this room, and that's without the glass backdoor we plan on putting in... eventually :)

For now, though, it's perfect just as it is. No worries about getting trim paint on the floor. No concerns about scuffing anything or leaving messes out. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm actually glad we have these concrete floors right now! If you're working on similar projects, maybe there's someway you could use an extra bedroom or a screened porch this way. I think it's made it much easier to do a little here and a little there with a family.

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Laura Lynn said...

A dedicated "work room" would be great. For now, we do our cutting either outside or in the room we are tackling at the moment. Once all the work is done, you'll have a great spare room too!