Monday, December 14, 2009

Curtain Call

I am now intimately acquainted with the Ritva curtains from IKEA. I've washed, dried, ironed, and hemmed 10 panels as of Friday, and a few months back I did the same to 8 more panels for one of the bedrooms, a closet, and the kitchen window. I can confidently say that I know these curtains :) Like all IKEA curtains, they're extra long, so if you're planning on doing this too anytime soon - count on it taking a while. They're big panels. They're also light, bright, and lovely :)

Before: original, aluminum windows and no curtains

After: new windows, new curtains :)

In Bedroom 2

Bedroom 4

In the Master Bedroom

We only have one window done in the master bedroom. The other master bedroom window is the last one I have to do. We may need to switch around the furniture arrangement in there to make the window placement look a little less wonky. Stick around - I think I'll do a post asking for opinions in a few days :)

So, then I'll just have the family room windows to do for now. Bedroom 3 has had its curtains for a little while, and the back room (SpareOom) won't be getting any for a long while - a workroom doesn't really need long, flowing white fabric. I'm planning on adding bamboo blinds beneath some of the curtain rods in the pics above. I'm fairly sure I want them there to cover up the dead space between the rods and the tops of the windows. If we decide we don't like them after all, we can always return them.

The First Layer is moving right along!!! The curtains really added a warmth and "prettiness" to the rooms, don't you think? I know, I know - they're a little boring all white and everything. Remember, though, that I'm working on establishing a neutral base in each room so that I can use COLOR in ways that are easy to change out and play with :) The color is coming, but first - the neutrals. We're putting our tree up this week (yes, we're so tardy!) and hopefully I can try out the bamboo blinds in the living room before the weekend!

Edited on Tuesday - My sister came over with her baby this morning to make Christmas cookies with us. Yum! It was the first time she had seen the curtains. We both thought that the living room curtains, especially, made the house feel instantly more homey and more "ours". Something about pretty window treatments just brings a cozy, lived-in feel to a room :) So the many hours of ironing and installing definitely paid off!


Stephen and Larissa said...

The difference in the before and after in the living room is incredible! I never realized what an imact the windows themselves can have. Definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

I think the white curtains are lovely. Especially perfect for the style you are going for. I've been experimenting with colored curtains, and while I like it for now, I think white curtains may be in our future. It just gives such an open, airy feeling.

Laura Lynn said...

Really pretty Jacci! I love how high you put them. And your new windows look fabulous! I bet you are so happy wth them.

I still need to hang curtains in our family room. The bamboo blinds are up but I've got to finish - the list never ends in our house. How about yours?
Take care!

Little Lovables said...

They look great!

I've been thinking about getting these curtains b/c I have huge windows. Do you know if they can b e bleached and if stains come out? I have 2 toddler boys, so I gotta be prepared...

Jacci said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys :)

Little Loveables, I do not think you can bleach the Ritva curtains. They are white, but they are not pure white. I'd treat them the same way I do most of our other whites - give 'em a periodic soak in OxyClean. We have a number of children, and we haven't had trouble with white curtains in the past. We do have a "food at the table only" rule - I think that might help out with keeping the stickies and smearies at bay :)

Hope it helps,

Cathy said...

Jacci, the curtains are lovely. What a difference it makes in all of the rooms. Very nice. I bet the Christmas tree will look really pretty in front of the picture window in the living room. Love to all and kisses. mom

Rebecca said...

I love the curtains! It's amazing what a difference they make!

Windlost said...

Wow, I cannot believe what a difference those curtains make. They add such a layer of finish and warmth and cosiness to the rooms. Oh and very elegant. Cannot go wrong with white, ever!! Very airy and classic.

Thanks for the suggestions on my decor. I hope to make some more small additions and will keep your thoughts in mind!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. xo Terri

Kelly Muys Wood said...

very nice curtains! i love the lightness of white curtains (although, maybe i'm partial; check out the new sheers in my office -- )!

by the way, where is that fabulous animal print pillow on your sofa from? i love the size of it.


Jacci said...

Well, thank you, Kelly! It's good ole Pottery Barn. I picked it up on clearance last February when Sam and I were in Reston, VA. They probably don't have the zebra cover anymore (maybe Ebay?), but the down pillow form is always available through the catalog or online. Glad you like it!


Sherry Petersik said...

Amazing! Isn't it unbelievable what a difference long breezy curtains can make? Lovely job as always.

s (& j)

Jacci said...

Awww, thanks Sherry :) By the way, I totally didn't realize that your curtain hanging tutorial post had the same title. Woops. I guess corny minds think alike ;)

Bria said...

i love this before and after! i have visions of tall curtains dancing in my mind now...thanks!

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