Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey, guys :)

I'm out of practice these days with writing blog posts, I guess. I sat down in front of my computer and just stared at it. I typed a few post titles, deleted them, tried again. Hmm. Is this blogger's block? So, I just decided to bring you up to speed on some serious randomness instead and type whatever pops into my head.

First up, sorry it's been so crazy long since I've posted! Our modem went kaput about a month ago and, when Sam returned from Best Buy with a brand new one, we couldn't get my laptop working with it for some reason. For two weeks Sam putzed around with it, trying to get the thing going, but it just wouldn't go online with the new modem. Now, I should tell you my laptop was a sorry little thing. S-L-O-W and more than slightly annoying at times. So, Sam wasn't really too sad when he decided that it was time to just get a new laptop for me. By the time we bought one and I (who am technologically challenged - I just learned how to text about 2 months ago - what a goober) finally learned how to use the thing, several weeks had gone by. No posts. Sorry, guys. The time actually flew, and I'm surprised it's been as long as it has. But, here I am. Posting :)

And here's my new computer. I'm writing this post on it, and I'm planning for photos. However, I don't know how to add photos on this computer just yet. So, I have to wait until tonight when Sam can show me. Then I'll add the photos.

It's much faster. Thank you, Sam :)

Did you know I was a soccer mom for the first time ever this fall? Yup. And, also for the first time ever, I was introduced to someone as "Jacci, the coach's wife".

And did you know I now have a six year old daughter?

Or that you can sew little circles of scrapbook paper into a super-happy garland? You just feed them through, one after the other and a few stitches in between make the thread chain. So cute.

The party was two weeks ago, and I still have the garlands up.

Did you know that you can prime over just a section of a wall and then roll over the whole thing with paint and the primed part won't show lighter? And that the primer will successfully cover over the crayon that necessitated such a use of your Saturday afternoon in the first place?

Did you know that if you sit down to type a blog post in the middle of the day, your children will assume that means they don't have to start their Latin and they can just bunk their math work?

Excuse me for a moment...

Okay, a few more.

Did you know that bathrooms almost never, really almost never, clean themselves. I know! So weird.

Or that homes do not renovate themselves as you go about living life? As one very sensitive commenter noted when he/she submitted the following uplifting sentiment: "Do you actually ever do any home improvements any more?"


But on that note, did you know that you can make a home feel more homey by loving people in it? Even if the hallway trim is still not painted.

Even if one entire room is still overtaken by the round saw.

Even if the one project you chose to work on last month flopped and left you with this to stare at for weeks.

And your dining room chairs have been replaced by these for the past month.

It can still feel more homey. There can still be contentment and joy. A happy home doesn't have to be a picture perfect home.

Good thing :)


Stephen and Larissa said...

Glad you're back! Although I can't believe someone said that to you! People forget that they aren't obligated to read other people's blogs. If you don't like what you're reading, stop! No need for rude comments.

I enjoy just reading about your life. You seem to have very sweet children. We are tossing around the idea of homeschooling our future children, so I always enjoy what you have to say on that too!

Anyways, all this to say I'm glad you're back and I look forward to your upcoming posts!

Anonymous said...

Don't even know you, but I missed you... glad you're back.

BTW, I loved your stay-at-home-mom clothing tips. It's really helped me get a little more motivated when I dress in the morning!

Deb said...

Glad you're back! With a great sense of humour too.