Wednesday, March 30, 2011

after photos: Bedroom 2

Better late than never, right? Here it is! Bedroom 2 after the first layer wrapped up last summer (!). There are a handful of remaining items on the to do list in here. A knob for the closet door might be nice, for instance. And we're still planning on ordering a snazzy new light fixture from Rejuvenation. The proper size of the light has been the big debate. I'll show you when we finally put one in, though!

Here's the view (above) as you first enter the room.

Then, scanning around the room clockwise. That one outlet cover is white because it's the one that will definitely be covered by a bed/crib. The rest are chrome.

The mirrored closet door is on the wall opposite the window. I really love that door.

I'm keeping this side of the door white, while the other side (hall side) will be black like the others. I just didn't want the strong black element in this room. This will be the nursery... eventually. That other white cover is a phone jack plate. Those didn't come in chrome :( But I think it will be covered in the long run by a rocking chair, anyway.

And back to the window - full circle!

This room is very light, bright, and tidy. I wish I could say that for the whole house, but, you know how that goes. I'm envisioning the nursery mostly white & neutral with pops of very bright, rainbowy colors. Cheerful and restful all at once.

For now, though, this room is a temporary bedroom for SweetP (age 10) and Shug (8.5). They're in here until we finish the first layer in the master bedroom and then in they're permanent bedroom (Bedroom 4). For now, Sam and I are packed into Bedroom 4 so we can get the master underway. Did ya catch all that? I told you we're shuffled around more than a herd of cattle around here!

It's all good, though. Hopefully, we'll wrap it all up before Baby (aka Peep) arrives in late September/ early October. Our babies sleep in a bassinet in our room until they sleep through the night or get to be around 3 months, anyway, so there will be time to get a nursery ready, even if it's not technically ready beforehand. In the next few months, we need to turn our attention to the master bedroom. And making this room a nice "temporary" bedroom for the girls. It's looking like they'll be here for at least another 5-6 months.

Thanks for all your super sweet comments, guys. They're always so fun to read :)


Stephen and Larissa said...

Hey Jacci,

I have a question for you. I love so many of the elements you are incorporated into your home. We are planning to build a home with many craftsman elements, and I am loving your black doors and molding. What do you think about a dark brown painted door? I don't want to do a solid wood door for the reason that I think I want to have the option of making the inside white.... thoughts?

Jacci said...

Hey, Larissa. I think just about any color could look good in the right setting and in the right shade. Much of it would depend on how well the doors seemed to gel with the rest of your choices, you know? It does seem (to me, but you'd probably get ten different thoughts if yu asked ten different people) that straight up chocolate brown could *potentially* wind up looking like a fake attempt at wood. So, I'd probably try to choose a brown that had some grayish undertones to it or another undertone that would worked well with your interiors. Personally, I also *love* charcoal doors as well as white walls trimmed out in taupe/gray trim paint and doors. There are lots of great chocies besides just white (or black, lol). Another consideration is the light. These black doors look cool, but they suck the light clean out of a space. That's why I want to have a few of the doors white on the non-hallway side.

Hope that's helpful!


Joshua + Ashley said...

Congrats on the baby! And wow is that ever a beautiful room! It is so beautiful and there is nothing in it! Amazing. I love it. Love love love. The doors are beautiful. Excellent design!

Deb said...

So exciting! I can wait to see your nursery ideas.

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

Looks like a brand new room, in the best possible way! A perfect canvas, ready and waiting. Drooling over the trim... ours is minuscule!