Friday, January 27, 2012

man, it's crazy late

What on earth am I doing starting a post at this time of night? I didn't even have caffeine. Why am I so jazzed up?!

I've been downloading and editing photos. I love to do that. I catch myself smiling...

We went to Trader Joe's today, and they had sunflowers. Absolute genius. Whoever decided to market sunflowers to Ohioans in January is an absolute genius. I nabbed 'em up quick and copycatted Meg even quicker.

I'm all about being yourself. Being original. Except for when I'm not. Like when I want to make my house feel like her house. I keep going back to her "Home Sweet Home" button on her blog and just staring at the pictures. It's like some kind of visual therapy.

Honestly, though, I couldn't handle her house. Too much stuff. It would get to me. It is nice, though, to look at her photos again and again. It would be a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

My version of Meg's happy, colorful style is less "abundant"... more ordered. More edited. More high strung? I don't let the kids mix their playdoh, after all. A lot less funky. Although, I admit, there are times that I just might consider wearing glitter sneakers. But, then I'd reconsider and wear black ballet flats. Because that's me. And that's why I have 67 readers and Meg has a trillion.

But... anyway...

I took some photos of SpareOom tonight. Just in case you were thinking these Mama Nights of mine were all glamorous. I wanted to be able to set you straight on that. And I wanted to show you my new crafting chair :)

ta da! courtesy of IKEA.

Oh, and my style has a little more of a modern dose mixed in than Meg's does... and not much at all of that chippy paint business. Okay. Enough about Meg. But, I had to give her due credit. It's not cool to copy and act like it's your own brilliance at work.

Going around the room with my iPhone...

There are two sets of mirrored sliding doors in this room. They aren't the prettiest things around, but they reflect so much light that I actually like them. I also like that sweater I have on. It sparkles a little bit.

Can you tell in the photo? Just a little bit of metallic thread. Festive. Hive & Honey from Piperlime.

Moving counterclockwise...

That collage wall is a blatant copy. Although, honestly, it was subconscious at the time.


The partially open door with the light on is the half bath.

And just beyond that is the laundry room.

Then, using the ironing board as a reference point, we come to the pit of despair. This corner will look very different very soon. It must.

Tonight I made a pile to throw away...

And a pile to give away...

Ahhhhh. Doesn't that just make you feel good? I'll bet that's why I'm so energized!

Past the pit now. This time use the vacuum as a reference point...

And back again to where we started off.

Gorgeoso, no?

This room is very bright owing to the 3 large flourescent light fixtures...

... and the resulting glare on the concrete floor.

ha ha.

just kidding.

About the glare. Not about the concrete.

So, yup. It's lovely. It's also very, very warm since we close the vents in there all winter (note sarcasm). But it's been GREAT so far. It may not be much at this point, but I can still make pretty things in it!

I'll leave you with something nicer to look at than flourescent lights and concrete. I've been searching Pinterest and Google for all kinds of organizing ideas... fabric organizing, ribbon organizing, wrapping paper organizing. The works. My mind has been full to overflowing with pretty pictures of orderly loveliness :) I don't know that the results of my efforts are quite so inspiring, but it does feel good to have things much more efficiently and attractively set up.

Why did I never think to save fabric scraps in a glass container before? Thank you, Pinterest!

All right. Time to rest this head. Tomorrow will be here before long. Friday, Friday! We're planning on lighting a fire in the fireplace and playing Settlers of Catan tomorrow night. And, Saturday, we work on the bedroom!

Have a great weekend, guys!


Renae said...

Would love to follow you on Pinterest!! I love that we follow the same blogs and I love me some Meg and am starting to see her influence coming out in our home (LOTS more color that i've ever dared). Love the's real! (and it makes me feel like i'm no the only one with spaces that need some attention!)

Jacci said...

Well, yay, Renae! :) I'm Jacci M on Pinterest. I got all excited for a minute because my little postpartum brain confused Pinterst and Instagram. If you're on Instagram - I'd really love to share/follow there, too :)