Monday, February 18, 2013

Heee-ey there! {MH catch up}


Wrapping up a crazy couple of weeks around here. Who gave two of our children permission to be born right in the middle of February anyway? One even on Valentine's Day itself? So that we have parties two days apart. Right after our anniversary? And basically replacing Love Day altogether? Hmmmm?


But we're on the other side of Birthday Mania now. But not on the other side of the massive mount o' laundry that accumulated whilst I blew up balloons and slaved over boxed cupcake mix.

For realz. You should see my laundry right now. It would be depressing if it weren't also pretty hilarious.

I dropped the ball last week and never posted any Making Home photos. So, we're doing double duty tonight... extras!

Hold on to your hats, peeps.

I have mentioned many times why I'm doing this photo project. Well, I guess really there are multiple reasons why, but chief among them is my desire to grow in thankfulness for our home and to see the bits of progress and beauty around me as we continue to renovate. So, all the photos are things that are pretty to me for one reason or another. However, another reason I'm doing the project is to document a year in our home... and leaving out the messy and the grumpy is not a realistic or honest portrayal of our everyday lives here. So, I kind of pulled a reversal of sorts and looked for the messes... and the negative. I have tried to be very forthright on this blog... last year's house tour was pretty bare all. We are not always tidy. We are not always smiling. We do not always get along or want to be together 24/7. And sweet Baby? She throws fits and cries and whines just like every 18 month old child. And gets a runny nose. Bleck.

I hope it's no surprise to you that other people have piles of total junk lying around, too. I hope you know that that's totally normal when you have children, especially. And especially if they're living at home with you all day long. Blogs are neat and tidy... real life rarely is.

I really doubt that this blog is in danger of making anyone feel like things are too perfect around here... but it still needs to be said from time to time. If we're going to put ourselves out there and share our lives in photographs... it seems to me it should be our real lives. I think we owe each other that. Without it, we start to believe what isn't true and blogland can be a quick ticket to even more discontentment and vanity on top of what most of us already struggle with. Who needs that?

So... my messy Making Home.

Now, with all that in mind, back to our regularly scheduled photo project :)

Dude's birthday really is on Valentine's Day. Because of that, I don't usually get around to much in the way of heartsy decorations. But this year we did just a little, and I really, really enjoyed the happy little hearts and special artwork.

I love babies. The end.

Birthdays & babies. I know I'm blessed to make our home with such wonderous stuff.


Angel said...

Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday to two of your kiddos! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Laundry Day...uhhh, pretty much every day!

Yup, life with kids can be messy.
People keep telling me that one day I'll miss stepping on Legos. One day I'll miss jelly hand prints on the wall.
So I'm thinking the mess is beautiful (most of the time). Seeing your "mess" pictures, I definitely see beauty. Even runny-nosed cranky babies- gorgeous. One day soon she'll be going off to college...

Awww, Birthday waffles on a special plate- so sweet and yummy!

Deb said...

I love babies too. Happy Birthday, Anniversary and whatever!

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

Oh, I love seeing pictures of real homes! The mess is part of the beauty. And hearing you on February craziness. My grandma's birthday, Valentine's day, my parents' anniversary, and my kids' birthday (twins) are all within 2 weeks. Still not done yet! :-)

Erin said...

So refreshing to see a real home, especially when you have kids! :) Happy to see a post from you, today.