Thursday, January 7, 2016


It's silly how many things you seem to need to buy when moving. Little, necessary things like extra trashcans, doormats, hooks, organizers. But it's also nice if you can budget a little for some extra things that just help the new house feel more like home. I did a little online shopping this morning, and thought I'd share some of my favorite purchases from the last two weeks.

I bought one of these sweet pillows years ago, and absolutely loved it. But, then we got a puppy. And he ate it. He's almost 14 months now, and I think (hope?) old enough now to not eat a new one. From Olive Handmade on Etsy.

These were a re-order of sorts, too. For the past four years, I've ordered these 11x14 calendar prints from Linnea Design. It took me a few days to figure out where to hang them in the new house, but I think I have a spot now. I like to hang 3 at a time. Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, July-Sep, and Oct-Dec. It's kind of a seasonal change that way, instead of having to remember to change the print every month. I'm not so good at keeping up with stuff like that.

I use three of the black-edge glass front frames. Available here. The Fall months are some of my favorites from the 2016 set.

This Target door mat is in the new laundry room off the garage.

I love the Signature Soy candles from Target. They don't give me headaches like non-soy options do. Right after we closed on the new house, I went to Target to get some things for cleaning that night. It was the week before Christmas, so I chose this scent. I've still been burning it even though the holidays are over. It's such a pleasant, not-overpowering, evergreen mix. And the mint color with the copper lid is a win :) I turn it backward so the label doesn't show.

These are the Target dishcloths I've used for a while now. I needed new ones. Somehow we lost about half of ours in the move. I have a sneaking suspicion they accidentally found there way into a bag destined for Goodwill. These are the only type and color of kitchen dishcloths I have.

I'm not big on strongly scented hand soap. I especially don't like hand soaps that smell too girly. Like men don't have to wash their hands? What guy wants to walk around smelling like plumeria? This Watkins soap is my favorite for bathrooms. The scent is very subtle and not too perfumey or fake smelling. It's a little pricey, but large refill bottles are available online, and those really help keep the cost reasonable.

Lastly, I picked up a few of these fun cereal bowls yesterday at our local grocery store (they were cheaper than on the Corelle website, so you might want to shop around). I noticed there is a gray version, too, which I probably would've liked even better. There's just the right amount of color detail. Kind of reminds me of old enamelware. When I gave Hope her cereal in one this morning, she squealed, "What a cute little bowl!" Maybe that's just because she's four, but it could be that they're just that cute.

That's all. Just some little things to cozy up a new space!

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