Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Operation "No More Pumpkin Pie"

We've actually done something to the new house!!! After closing on the sale of our previous home (and second mortgage) last week, it took all of three days before I was ready to head over to the local Sherwin Williams and nab the paint we needed to get rid of the pumpkin-pie-colored walls so thoughtfully left by the previous owners. Everything in this kitchen was a shade of brown - brown cabinets, brown tile flooring, orange-brown walls, and even our old kitchen table was practically the same shade of brown! Time to change all that. Bye, bye pumpkin pie!!!

Here are the before pics (with the walls all cut-in with primer)...

We've painted the first coat on the walls now. It already looks so much better!! We still need to:

  • paint the second coat done!!!
  • replace the outlet/switch covers (they were plastic and smoke-stained) done!!!
  • sand the cabinets 1/4 done!!!
  • prime the cabinets 1/4 done!!!
  • paint the cabinets 1/4 done!!! - NOTE: finally finished painting the cabinets in OCTOBER, for pity's sake.
  • replace the cabinet hardware 1/4 done!!!
  • replace the lighting
  • decorate (yay!)
  • maybe, maybe, just maybe, replace the countertops (moolah permitting)

And that will be all for the first kitchen go-around. We hope to do a more involved kitchen "remodel" down the road, but these cosmetic changes will have to hold us for now. I'm just pleased as punch to see something happening! I think these little changes that make the house more "ours" really help out with the transition. Right now I don't feel like our previous house is home any longer, but I also don't really feel like we've made this new house home, yet. It will come, I know. And more quickly if we can keep a steady pace on our to-do list :)

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