Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Goodbye, House

We closed on the sale of our house today!!!

I am truly thankful. I know we are tremendously blessed to sell so very quickly in this market. Still... there's always a bittersweet aspect to leaving a home. You have lived there. You have loved there. And now, well, it's someone else's. That part is always a little strange to me.

Strange and, if I'm honest, a little hard. But, we're closer than ever to family now. Closer to friends. Closer to where we've really been investing ourselves over the past five years. It's a very good move for our family. So, goodbye House. Goodbye nine foot ceilings. Goodbye brand new tile. Goodbye gleaming white bathrooms. Goodbye fresh, bright windows.

Goodbye House.


With all of those perks, though, that house couldn't give us what matters most to us in a home - people to share it with! So, no more sniffs. That's enough of that. There's no time for sniffling when we have so much thanks to give! It was too far away from everything! Now, we're 2 minutes from my sister's house and our closest friends live just 5 minutes away. We're warm and safe and healthy. Plus - now we get to make our new house into a home! There's plenty to do, for certain, but we're doing it together... and we have time :) With the second mortgage gone (praise God!) things are going to start happening around here - and soon.

That will really be fun to see :)

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