Friday, July 31, 2009

Children's Bathroom (Before Pics)

Not that there are really any "after" pics to share anytime soon. But, I've got that overdrive nesting-ish feeling that has me painting everything that will stand still for more than a few minutes (thankfully, that requirement excludes my children as canvas options), and who knows how long before this bathroom gets a few coats? I already started experimenting with the cabinet color last night.

So, before I forget to chronicle the "before"... here's my rather sad-looking little hall bath. As with the rest of the house, there's a lot of BROWN.

This is the bathroom the children most often use, and it's also the only bathroom with a tub.

It's the first door on the right as you come upstairs, and the closest to the living room/kitchen.

That means guests use it. (wince) This light fixture is straight out of Jules Verne.

Wobbly towel rails hung on a hollow door (that's splitting on the side a bit). The cabinets are pretty worn out and tired.

Weird feature that lots of homes in the area have. What is this little empty space supposed to be, anyway? Possibly a place for a trashcan? Big trashcan! Not meant as a vanity area - the potty is blocking the way and makes that idea impossible. Like I said, it's a mystery.

Through the mirror, you can see the bathtub/shower area on the other side.

And the beige faux cobblestone flooring.

That's it! :) Hopefully it'll look MUCH different relatively soon.

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