Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shug & Punkin's Bedroom: Before Pics (and DIY ADD)

Scouring the internet lately, looking for some much needed inspiration for the girls' bedrooms. I've been painting a little here and there, and hope to have the two rooms painted - walls, doors, and new trim, by the time the cold weather starts to roll in. My oldest daughter, SweetP, will be in a room by herself for now, and my next two daughters, Shug and Punkin, will be together for the time being. If I can do a bit of painting in our boy, Little Dude's, room by the fall, that would be a great bonus!

I'm trying to go for a look that will gel with the rest of the house while still letting the children express some of their own creativity and interests. (You caught that didn't you? ...some)*wink*. For the continuity part, I'm hoping to choose wall colors that are soft and fairly neutral... similar to what I might use in any of the "whole family" spaces. I'm also planning on using the same window treatments in each bedroom and throughout the majority of the house. Soooo, that means that these bedrooms are not going to look much like children's rooms at first. That's on purpose, though! :) I want the rooms to be flexible and not scream out FOUR YEAR OLD GIRL. But, with a little color added with pillows, wall art, and accessories, I think it will all pull together in a fresh, fun way for the ladies.

Here's what we're starting with (the room now has just two twin beds - this arrangement was temporary while we replaced some flooring in the family room and used the 4th bedroom for a sofa & television). This is Shug and Punkin's room. I hope to finish painting it this weekend. Oh, and you'll be happy to know that there are also sheets and blankets on the beds these days. I think I took these pics the day I bought them new white sheets and khaki box-pleated bedskirts (Bed Bath & Beyond).

Quite the blank slate, don't you think? As much as I want to finish this entire room **now**, I'm feeling the need to get through the painting projects asap (as in, I'd like another baby, but don't want to do all this crazy painting while I'm preggo). So, we're just painting the walls, doors, replacing trim, and hanging window treatments before we move on to the next bedroom. Then, hopefully, I can use the cold months and possibly a pregnancy to decorate & detail without all those paint fumes :)

Just in case you're wondering about our kitchen cabinet progress... well, we did run into a teensy case of ADD there. But, the good news is that our exterior painting is almost completely done! Our current plan is to work on the first girl's bedroom and then work on 1/4 more of the cabinets. Then, finish SweetP's bedroom painting and window treatments followed by another 1/4 of the kitchen cabinets. Then, if we're still going strong, we'll paint Little Dude's bedroom and get his window treatments up and finally finish off the last 1/4 of the kitchen cabinets. That, my friends, is called Making Your DIY ADD Work For You.


Sam is heading out to Colorado this weekend to backpack with his best friend ever, Edwin. Do you think it would be okay if I ripped the molding out of the girls' room while he's gone?

Hmm. Something to consider.

Have a great day!!!

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