Sunday, December 12, 2010

the world's worst blogger and water 4 christmas

It's me.

All me.

I am the world's worst blogger. I didn't post a single stinkin' pic of our so-called Christmas Craft Week. I stink at this.

Just wanted to be clear on that.

Now, can I tell you about something that actually is guaranteed? water4christmas on Etsy. I mentioned it earlier this month. It's a joint effort from dozens of crafters nationwide, all pooling together their crafting efforts to raise money for fresh water for an African village. The organization is legit, and the shop has already raised a ton of money for wells! SweetP and I made a few contributions to post, and all but one of our items has already sold. SweetP's handmade felt nativity family sold in the first few hours :)

How cute is that?

And I sewed up some quick paper chains. Three of the listings sold within the first day or two, but I still have one more listing up for grabs. You can see it here.

Maybe you'd like to buy it? You know, in case you didn't get around to your Christmas Craft Week, either. Or maybe not, but you might find something else in the water4christmas shop that would be just your thing. You get a cute little crafty gift, and a village gets water. What could be better? :)

Are y'all taking bets yet on whether or not I'll get even one Christmas Craft made with my kids before this holiday season is all said and done? Hope not. I'd hate to encourage your gambling ways.

Have a happy Monday :)

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