Thursday, April 14, 2011

children's bathroom design board

Hey, all. Super quick post. Sam is out of town all week, and I've been attacking the spring cleaning like a maniac (with the help of my sister and my parents!), so at this point, I'm complete toast. If I keep this really quick, I may sneak in a quick nap. Incentive :)

The children's bathroom is coming along. The plumbing and wiring took longer than expected, so we're not quite up to the finish line, but we're getting there. They finished placing the tub surround tile today, and plan on grouting it tomorrow. It's starting to finally look like a bathroom again!

The plan with this bathroom was to redo everything, but do so in a way that didn't look brand new. Well, maybe "brand new" in terms of everything being in new condition, but we didn't want it to scream UPDATED. Actually, we wanted it backdated. And, of course, you know me - classic, as well.

Here's the design board I put together a little while back (with the intention of listing out sources for you, but that will be for another day, another post).

I was a bit nervous about the addition of the black detail tile when the time came to get it up on the walls. But, now that it's up, I definitely don't regret it. It adds an instant charm. As Mr. V put it, "Without that black, this'll look just like everybody else's bathroom with all this white tile." The black gave it some character. I only wanted a pop of black, though. Most of the room is crisp white and whatever color I want on the walls. Since this is the children's bathroom for the forseeable future, I went with something very youthful and happy. A clear, bright blue. "Open Air" from Sherwin Williams. It's pretty close to this... OPEN AIR. When I want to change it up, there's just a little wall to paint and the rest of the bathroom is designed to be super flexible and classic with any color.

I'll take some photos and post a few sneak peek shots this weekend. It's been cloudy and rainy most of the week, so photos have been bleck. I should be able to manage some better shots today or tomorrow. Y'all have a great weekend! Sam gets home tomorrow evening :)


Deb said...

I love what you've picked out for the bathroom. You can never go wrong with timeless.

Marissa Breann said...

Looks beautiful. I can't wait for a source list ... particularly to know where that sink is from! What a good looking/practical looking find!

Sam said...

I love my wifey...she makes my house look nice! See you tonight!

Jacci said...

Aw, baby, I love you :) See you soon!!!

master bathroom said...

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It will be a very beautiful bathroom for my kids. Everything is perfect in that design even the floors is very impressive. I will try to copy that design in the bathroom of my kids.

Kalona Mincey said...

Good choice of color, Jacci! The color of the "Open Air", sky blue, is actually a neutral color for children. Li'l boys and girls love 'em! And since it's a bathroom, the color blue suits it well. Oh, I just noticed your husband's comment... He's so sweet! You're one lucky couple! <3