Friday, April 8, 2011

nursery inspiration for a neutral room

I love me some neutrals.

Right now, I'm in a white and gray phase. I acknowledge that it's probably a phase. I haven't always loved lots and lots of white and gray, but I have always loved subdued, soft colors as a backdrop. Even when I was in my "paint the walls chocolate brown, deep red, and billiard hall green" phase (I had a powder room the same shade as a pool table once), I still had a thing for neutrals, too. Our main living areas have always been what others deem to be "boring" colors. But, I like the versatility a neutral backdrop provides. And the neutrals are easier to live with day in and day out than strong color absolutely everywhere. At least for me.

As I showed you earlier last week, this is the starting point for the nursery.

And it's terribly unexciting to most. But, to me it's a prepared canvas - ready for the layers of color to be added. And I get SO pumped!!! I'm a little spazzy and dramatic anyway, but - really - I do get pumped :) Especially when I find inspiration like this little beauty of a neutral-at-first room from Ohdeedoh.

How cheerful and happy and clean and bright is that wonderfulness?

Just look at all that color. On a neutral background :) Really not too different than where I'm headed with Punkin and Little Dude's room. Remember the inspiration photos for that?

I won't go quite this vintagey with our room, and I don't think I'll have quite so many little knick knacky pieces (dust collectors - although a few definitely bring in the personality), but this is such a great room to pull ideas from. It's not far removed from what my brain had dreamed up so far. I lurve it. And it can easily tilt more boy or more girl with just a few key color additions.

OK. Now I have to go feed my son. He's literally sitting by my ankles, waiting for lunch. Gotta go! Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!!!

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