Friday, October 28, 2011

8 little lists

i had a million thoughts running through my head the other night. things i want to get to before spring. projects that i think would really make a difference in the ongoing process of making this house our home. some tedious stuff. some creative stuff. i jotted down a quick list that night, hoping it would relieve my poor brain and help me get to sleep.

it worked.

this morning was unusually quiet. the younger guys were playing with a car track that had been put away for a few months, so it was like a brand new toy to them. the older two were going strong on their morning lessons. i had a hot cup of decaf, a sleeping baby, and a quiet kitchen. very nice. i decided to take a look at that list.

and i rewrote it. made it a little more cheerful. i put each room and its bulleted list on a separate little piece of paper.

tomorrow is punkin's second birthday party. we usually only do one, but not all the family could come on one weekend this time. so, two parties. sam went camping with little dude the weekend before last. that means 3 weeks without a saturday to work on bedroom 4. i'm in limbo until sam gets to the closet shelving. then, it'll be my job to prime and paint all that. woot woot. until then, though, i'm just doing normal days... nothing extra on the house.

that's been nice so far. but baby is settled into a routine now. the house is reasonably clean. the kiddos are doing well. i'm ready. ready for a project :)

i'm thinking this is worth a shot. i may not get past a week or two, but it seems like a good idea at this point. pick a paper on friday. work on that list throughout the following week. just until the week is out, even if the list isn't done. if it is done - great! if not, the paper just goes back into the bowl. no stress. on crazy weeks, we just do one or two things. some weeks we should be able to do a lot more. but, my goal is to always do at least one thing on the list for that week.

there are eight pieces of paper. 8 weeks worth of projects. then we'll stop. even if everything isn't done. we should finish up the 8 weeks right before Christmas. i like the idea of getting a lot of little things taken care of before the end of 2011. and i like starting on the first week of a new month. and on a monday.

i'm sequential. can you tell?

choosing the room on a friday lets me have the weekend to gear up and collect anything i might need for that week. sweetp (and baby) helped me out this morning. the first room we'll chip away at?

very fun :)

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