Monday, June 18, 2012

bedroom 4 reveal! (wait - update? not sure?)

I honestly don't know what to call this post. It's kind of the Bedroom 4 reveal. But, then again, it's kind of... not.

These first few pictures were taken in mid-May. The walls and all the trim were done. But, we can't really say the first layer was complete at this point, because the doors weren't painted, yet.

Actually, the doors still aren't painted.

Initially, SweetP and Shug were all motivated to wait until the room was 100% complete before they moved in. But, we kept taking our sweet old time, and they kept waiting. Finally, they just wanted in there. Doors or no doors.

For a little while before they moved in, we had the room set up like this. We could use it for naptime here and there... they liked the feeling of camping out in an almost empty room.

I really, really loved that scrap quilt with the aqua paint. If I were decorating this room on my own, it would definitely be on the bed. But, alas, the girls did not feel the same way about the quilt, and it's not in there anymore.

But, didn't it look great while it lasted?

Now the girls have a bunkbed all set up. We haven't put the permanent bedding on... we're waiting to buy a few more things. So, as of today, the room is pretty much completely white and aqua. With no doors.

But, I'm calling it. This is pretty much done. The doors and the overhead lighting will come along later this summer, and then we'll be all official.

And we'll start adding in color and all kinds of fun layering stuff around August/September.

But, I'm planning on doing a little more in Punkin and Little Dude's room first... and getting started on the nursery. At almost 10 months old, Baby's about to finally move out of the master bedroom.

My little goal is to get the kids' bedrooms decorated up this summer.

And get the doors for this bedroom painted, already.

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Deb said...

Ooh, I love that quilt! What colour is the paint? I love that too. The room looks so fresh and clean, my ideal look.