Saturday, June 2, 2012

number our days

"So teach us to number our days, that we might get a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12

Took a little longer away than I planned, didn't I? It's been a good several weeks, though. I feel focused. Like my priorities are lining up with my actual days... or my days are lining up with my priorities. Either way. Sometimes during the school year, I lose the forest for the trees. I love homeschooling in many ways, but - truth be told - I love summer break way, way more. Just far less multi-tasking. More focused.

I've been thinking. Now, don't freak out on me... I'm just thinking. I'm thinking of printing this blog out in one of those nifty Blog Book thingies. Then, after I have it all in hard copy...

I'm thinking of ditching it.

And starting a new one.

Is that too impulsive?

My thinking is that the blog has already taken a turn. It's changed directions some since Baby was born. We're still working on the house, but sooooo slowly. And I'm really not that into blogging about just house stuff right now, anyway. I think I needed it at first. To help me through the most discouraging early days of this remodel. But, now I've adjusted more... I think... and it's just not as much of a need. I love posting photos, though. I love seeing them "published" all big on a pretty white background. I love documenting some of our days. I'd like to keep blogging, just maybe not here.

So, I have a question. If (and it's only an if at this point) I did print the blog out and then ditch it, are there certain posts that you'd like to see make the move with me? Posts that you'd want to have at the new blog? Let me know, if there are. I don't like it when change is sprung on me out of the blue... maybe you don't either. Maybe none of you really care. But, just in case, I'd like to hear what you want to follow me over. If I make the move.

It wouldn't be right away at any rate. I have to look into printing the blog.

Those are my thoughts tonight. Now I'm going to go snuggle up to Sam and, apparently, watch hockey.

Good night.


Deb said...

Hellooooo, you're back! I hope you got all rested up. I had my blog made into a book. It was fun. If you want a new blog maybe you could just leave this one out there for folks to look at. Just a thought.

Unknown said...

Hi Jacci!

I've read your blog from the beginning - can't remember now how I found my way here. I'm an avid reader of design blogs but also a dedicated lurker, so I'm sorry for not commenting before now. Anyway, if you do start over, you should at least have a section with the before and after pictures of all the work you and Sam have done on the house.

Even though I came here for the house DIY, I love the glimpses of your happy family life and I enjoy your iphone dumps!~


Rebecca said...

I'd be sad to see you ditch this blog, but totally understand! Maybe you could put all before & after/during pictures and posts in a section all their own here? Then continue to blog like you have been since Baby was born.

I personally love all of your posts delving into the aspects of design...your more recent color wheel posts and Scandanavian posts immediately come to mind. Those have been posts that make me stop and think of the process and where I am headed with my house. You've put it all into words that made it so easy to understand and have helped me immensely!! I love the iphone dumps too...reminds me I need to take more pictures of our daily adventures! :)

gilly said...

I love everything you do.

~Jess said...

I would just make the change going forward...leaving it all here as you have it, but do a face lift and update what you'll be talking about.

Sara said...

I like the idea Jess has...I will read wherever you go but I think you could stay here and just write about whatever you like!

Kristen said...

Design of the house, time spent doing everyday mom stuff, thoughts on faith and family -- it's all creative work in its own way, right? I vote leave it! One day when you decide to blog about a room re-do, you'd be sad if you felt like a new blog had you locked in to something different, yes? Like you here, but will bookmark and follow the next one if you move. :)

Leah said...

I vote "leave it!"'s fun to read design blogs that include a bit of everything, especially real life stuff about the people who live in the spaces. I'm at a similar spot with my blog though too...since having a 3rd baby I seem to have less time to sit down and blog. Lots of ideas swirling around in my head, and tons of photos on my camera(s) but can't seem to always justify the time to sit down and put it all up on the blog. I've given a little thought to closing up shop for a while...or re-inventing it...or having it printed...or... Ah!