Thursday, December 20, 2012

gingerbread house

Can I make this a Wordless Thursday?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you how late on Wednesday night it is right now.

It's late.

But I've spent the evening/night getting a ton of things done that have been pressing on my week-before-Christmas self. And now they press no longer. It feels good.

Not that I don't have plenty of other things still left to do before Tuesday, but this was at least more than a drop in the bucket. Tonight's productivity makes the rest of my "to do" list seem manageable.

I think.

Since I'm up anyway, I wanted to share these photos from earlier. I love the colors. Happy, happy colors.

Hope they brighten your day a little.

We have family coming in on Saturday, and then people are kind of coming and going until several days after Christmas. We're hosting two family Christmases this year. Fun, fun, fun! The bonus is, of course, no traveling. Which is really, really nice.

A final burst of crafty elfness is planned for tonight. I'm looking forward to some twinkly lights, Christmas music on Pandora, and craft paint :)


Deb said...

Everything looks yummy good! Have a great Christmas.

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

How, oh how, did you get the whole house to stay together? We have gathered with a group of friends every year (except, sadly, this year) to build gingerbread houses-but we could never get the kits to stay together. We began using graham crackers instead. Worked much better! Your photos are wonderful.

Jacci said...

Thanks, ladies! It's very cheerful sitting on the living room shelf :)

Rita... I am extra, extra careful about drying time for the icing. I probably go overboard! But, I assemble the walls, then let it dry an HOUR. Then I add the roof & wait another hour before final decorations get added. Maybe that helps? And I use lots and lots of icing on every connecting edge.

The graham crackers are fun, too, though! We made some little graham cracker houses the following day with cousins :)

Angel said...

Oh, YUM!
Such beautiful colors and kids!
Great job putting the house together, so fun. Little One looks intrigued and confused :) Totally adorable.

Jacci said...

Oops... Should've put my comment here as a reply :)

Annie Daniel said...

Heck, these photos make MY to-do list seem do-able! So beautiful!

Kiki said...

These are definitely pretty + happy colors! I love all of the candy choices you have, too. I bet your kids had a ton of fun--I would, if I were there! It definitely makes me want to make a gingerbread house now. :)