Saturday, December 29, 2012

making home {photo project} 7

Did you all have a great Christmas?!

We had a wonderful time with all kinds of family. It was really so precious to be able to be with so many we love!

I had intended on putting up Christmas photos before posting the Making Home pics for this week. But, when I downloaded all my photos, it became overwhelming pretty quickly. I took a lot of pictures! And I just wasn't down with editing a zillion photos tonight. I'll get to them soon, but for tonight... just a few.

Making Home... Christmas week... 2012 :)

The first couple of photos were Sam reading Advent devotions with the 4 older children. At the end of each night's reading, one of the children would hang an ornament that had to do with the reading on the tree.

And the last photo... Biebs... he was a prank. Dude came running downstairs on Christmas morning and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the stocking. He yelled to his sister, "Justin Bieber's on your stocking!" And she didn't believe him... until she saw it, too. I think, secretly, at least one of our girls might think JB is cute, but no one would ever actually admit that. Dude calls him Justin Pooper.

Maybe he should get the stocking next year!


Kristen said...

Ha! The Biebs. Very funny! The chalk door is great; is it your pantry? And what do you use the paper chain for? We make one to count down to Christmas, so it's gone by Christmas morning, but I love yours on the mantle! Http://

Deb said...

I love your Christmas decor. Your chickies are growing fast! Justin B., I hate to admit he's a Canadian too!

Jacci said...

Thanks, ladies :)

Deb - they are growing fast! Punkin, especially, has caught me off guard lately with her "longness" :)

Kristen - that door goes to our garage. You can read all about the project here -

And the paper chains were gifts from my 4 & 2 year old nieces on Christmas day :) We just hung them up on the mantle right after we opened them.

Angel said...

Such beautiful photos and family..and I love your Making Home project! So great. Bieber, haha, we did something similar with a singing card for our daughter! I like his music, makes me be-bop around the house (or car) but she makes a face and turns it off (although, I'm pretty sure she secretly thinks he's cute too).

Kiki said...

Love that Justin Bieber stocking--what a great family inside joke/tradition that you've started now! And I love your chalk work, it looks beautiful! :)