Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Extended Snow Day

I called up some of my other homeschooling friends tonight and told them I had an official announcement to make: "School is cancelled for tomorrow morning. It's a Snow Day". So, we're all meeting up for a snow day tomorrow morning at a nearby park. Homeschool kids need snow days, too :)

In a roundabout way, this brings me to the next paragraph. I've been tossing around the idea of a blog break for a few weeks now. The project department is slow-going. Funds are a little less abundant lately due to an unplanned appliance purchase and two February birthdays as well as a February anniversary. GREAT reasons to have less of a house-project budget, really :) I'd much rather have a birthday party than another length of basecap moulding. And, yes, we had an awesome weekend away together for our 10th - thanks for the congrats - totally worth the lighting fixtures we won't be buying this month. We're still planning on February goals, but nothing earth shattering or even interesting enough to make a good blog post. School is taking up a good bit of each day, and Sam and I are trying to cut back some on evening 'puter time, too. When I add all of those factors up, it seems like everything is pointing to an extended snow day of sorts for the blog.

We'll be back. Not sure when. I guess when we have something noteworthy to share with you all :) If you'd like for me to swing by and let you know when we're back at it, just leave a comment below (you can include your email if you don't have a blog or website) and I'll be sure to pop in and say "hi" when our little hiatus is through. I love visiting your blogs and hearing from you all over here, too - I'd like to keep that up. We just need a bit of a break. So, please leave a comment if you'd like to stay in touch, and we'll see you in a bit!



Deb said...

I'm gonna miss you! Please let me know when you're back.

Elisa @ whatthevita said...

Have a great snow day/week/month :) My google reader will let me know when you're back :)

Stephen and Larissa said...

I'll miss your updates and look forward to seeing more when you get back!!

Katy and Phil said...

Found your Blog through the Reader Redesign on Young House Love. We are thinking about recreating your chalkboard door on our pantry door! As I looked more at your blog I noticed we have almost the exact same house from the outside! Ours is beige with green shutters which we are hoping to paint brown! I am looking forward to keeping up with your changes!