Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cast Iron Wall Hooks

Leave it to Etsy.

After tidying up Punkin and Little Dude's bedroom and finding a "place for everything" (which isn't easy, considering Punkin keeps everything), we still had two little bags that needed a permanent place to call home. It seemed like a wall hook of some sort placed behind the door might be just the ticket.

So, where does a girl go when she's in the market for wall hooks?

She could certainly go to Target. Here's a
very nice option for $7.99. It's a good looking hook.

Or she could spend a little more and, for $20 a pop, also get a little more pizazz. Like this hook from Anthropologie.

Lovely, isn't it?

But I wondered if it wasn't a little too girly for a shared room (?). It would be nice, I thought, to find something vintage. However, the closest flea market day for me is a good 2 months off. August, maybe.

This brings us to Etsy.

And, with a relatively quick search of the "vintage" category, I had a slew of "wall hooks" to browse through. One seller, in particular, kept showing up with some really original stuff. Fun hooks. Hooks with personality. The Anthro hook had personality, too, but these were more playful.

All hooks via
monkeyandsquirrel on Etsy...

Aren't they just perfect for a child's room? I think they are GREAT fun.

On occasion, when I like something like this I wonder if it skirts a little too close to the Tacky Line. There's whimsy and there's tacky, and I suspect one man's whimsy is another man's tacky and vice versa. I liked these hooks, though - so that should be all that matters, right? Right! If I were still doubting whether or not these little cast iron animal hooks were charming instead of tacky, though, this post from Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh would help out. I found it after I found the Etsy seller, and I felt confirmed, again, that I'm not out to lunch.

Someday I won't need that confirmation as much, but I'm just not yet to the place where I trust my gut completely. Working on it :)

I won't tell you which hook was my favorite. I need to wait a few more weeks for our next budget cycle before I buy it - hope it's still there!


Deb said...

Ooh, I have the kitty hook! I've had it for years and love it. Definitely NOT tacky.

Jacci said...

Oh, how fun, Deb! These things must not be too difficult to find - monkeyandsquirrel lists them over and over again. She has a source, apparently ;)

Laura Lynn said...

Hmmm...I've had cast iron hooks in my kids' rooms for years and I've never even thought to question if they were tacky. I just liked them and they were useful.

Don't question yourself so much - do what you like and it will fall into place! You're on a good track!