Monday, June 14, 2010

Bedroom 2 Paint Color and Progress

I was reading tonight about Jenny's design process at Little Green Notebook. It's always so interesting to me to read how designers/decorators go about a project. Jenny always begins a room with a fabric choice. Her reasoning is that there are a blue zillion paint colors available - not to mention the ability to color match anything you can dream up - but there are only so many fabrics available. You can always find a paint color that will work, but finding fabric that works with a pre-existing wall color can be much trickier. Plus, fabric is her love and a pretty print instantly inspires her.

All of that makes complete sense.

Unless, like me, your primary goal with paint colors is to choose neutrals that pretty much go with any other color imaginable. Because you also really love fabric and because you know you're going to be switching out colors.

A lot.


You know, once you get this first layer thing checked off your list.

It should come as no surprise then that the wall color for bedroom 2 is another neutral. Honestly, when I swatched the color in bedroom 4 (I originally bought this paint for that room) it had a definite green undertone. Green shows up no where in this paint in bedroom 2. Proving, once again, that lighting is everything when evaluating paint colors.

Regardless, I really like the color in the room. It's very light, hardly noticeable in places. I'm glad, though, because this room is the brightest in the house and I didn't want to lose any of that. I just wanted a teeny bit of color. The big change is that it takes the room from a warm neutral to a cool neutral.

The color is Laura Ashley "Stone 2". Very soft. Very subtle. Totally ready for any fabric and color I want to bring its way.


We're getting there, though. I finished the second coat on the main door this afternoon, and we're very close to wrapping things up. Sam's mom, Susan, is coming on Thursday and I plan on having that room ready to use by then. One glitch that took far more time than we bargained for was the drywall mudding Sam needed to do around the window. When we had that window enlarged, the plan was for Sam to deal with the corners after the first bit of mud dried. It didn't look like that big of a deal.

But, we soon learned that outside corners like that are harder to do than they seem. Getting a straight, smooth edge was a challenge.

After several mudding sessions, though, look what a nice edge Sam was able to get :)

So, as of today, the walls are all done, the outlets are switched out, new outlet plates are up, closet shelves and the new, wooden closet rod are all drying and waiting to go back in, the main door is drying, and we're very, very close to finished.

That means that the next post on this room will be the official first layer "after" post :)


Jessie said...
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Jessie said...

Hi there - just stumbled upon your blog via I loooove some of your inspiration photos in the right sidebar, especially the kitchen sink with the wood countertop. Do you remember where you found that? My fiancee and I are working on a 1927 foursquare and still haven't got the kitchen figured out.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Jacci said...

Hi, Jessie :) Glad you found us!

Yes, that gorgeous kitchen is from Martha Stewart Living, and you can find it in the House Tours section of her website or you can just use google images to search something like "Martha Stewart butcher block countertop". Hope that helps!


Rebecca said...

Where do you find Laura Ashley Paint? I love that color!!

Jacci said...

Hey, Rebecca! Good to hear from you :)

Lowe's sells Laura Ashley paint colors. Here's a link to the color swatch :)

The color does have *lots* of undertones that change throughout the day. You'll definitely want to swatch it if you think you might use it.

Glad you like it!