Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seeing Past Just Laundry

I think I've shown photos of the laundry room before. There's not really much to show, but I was cleaning in there today and all the while building on the daydreams I'd already been dreaming about this room. It isn't large, but at just a little over 6 ft. by 10 ft., it's the biggest laundry room we've had to date.

Maybe even big enough to double as something other than a laundry room.

Which is why I've been daydreaming :)

Quite a lot of room is taken up by the extra-capacity washer and dryer, but with front loaders there could at least be counters above them.

And if we were able to squish the dryer over a little closer to the washer, there might be enough room for a little desk beneath the window.

The window is obviously not new (and, yes, that's a wasp nest in the corner of it - I'm waiting for the rain to die down so I can hose off the outside of the window later today). This window is one of the three at the back of the house that we opted to not replace last December. When we do get a new window in here, I'm thinking maybe a casement window would be a good option.

There are a lot of random little craft boxes all over the house right now, waiting for a place to call home. I'm thinking... maybe... this little laundry room could double as a craft room of sorts - or at least a storage room for crafty things like yarn, DMC thread, beads, and sewing supplies.

And a special little mini space for me :)

So, that's what I've been daydreaming about.

Now that you have a good idea of what we're starting with (will be starting with, I should say - this project is down the road), here are a few of the rooms I've found online that are feeding my imagination lately. All photo sources are in the address bar if you click on them :)

loving: drying rack, wallpaper on ceiling

loving: wood-look floor, white cabinets, pop of color

loving: skirted laundry sink

loving: pattern, white, bold color w/ stainless

loving: gooseneck faucet, realistic laundry baskets, "fancy" lighting

loving (really loving): floral wallpaper, white cabinets, pink

loving: ALL of it, especially the wall
and the oversized lantern

But, there is a laundry to end all laundry rooms that I didn't share with you today. It gets my Smoothest Laundry Room of All Time Award - and it's not even from Domino ;) It's just super cool. I'll share it with you next week, okay?

I'd love to hear which of these rooms is your favorite and why. What elements would you consider "must haves" in a dual purpose laundry room?


Head Neatherer said...

HI! I don't know if you already know about Centsational Girl, but she built a drying rack and I bet you will love her laundry room! I thought about that when I read your post today and wanted to share it with you! Hope you have a great day!

BeeHive said...

I covet all beautiful laundry rooms. Ours is in our basement that is light years better than it was when we moved in a few months ago, but I want it to be fabulous! Oh maybe next year...

Grace said...

Personally I feel a space to fold clothes and/or leave sweaters out to dry is important. Also in our house the laundry fairy does not put the clothes away so I just wash and fold and put in each child's bins (well actually mine are older now so that was when they were young) and they put their own away. Thus any laundry room I had, needed to have room for a laundry bin for each person.