Thursday, July 1, 2010

like watching paint dry

Or maybe actually watching paint dry - not merely "like" watching paint dry. The closet door is finished, but it still has to cure for at least a week before I trust it on the door frame. We've put doors up too soon after painting before, and the door paint sticks to the paint on the door frame. That just doesn't make anyone happy.

So, it's curing.

And I'm watching it.

Now, poor unsuspecting blog friends, you're watching it with me.

In the meantime, I've put the closet shelving in. The shelves had to cure, too, but now their time has come. These are all the baby clothes that I'm storing in there. You know, for the baby we maybe, might, could, possibly have someday but don't have right now. Down the road.

Baby clothes are so sweet. I'm not just hanging up girl clothes, by the way. They were just the pile that was creating the most obnoxious barrier in the master bedroom while they waited for a home. It's been very nice to not have to step over them every night.

I like them much better here.

Punkin and Little Dude have had great fun making the floor of the closet into a napping nook. I haven't let them really take a nap here, yet. But that isn't because they haven't asked. Several times. Maybe when the heavy mirrored door isn't perched on those saw horses. Maybe.

If they improve on those nightly foot rubs and if they keep the chips and dip comin'.


There's an adhesive film of some sort over the glass right now. We assumed - rightly, I hope - that it's there to protect the glass while you paint the door. With the film on, the glass is a little wonky. It basically makes me look about 20 pounds heavier than I really am. We're kind of banking on the mirror being much more flattering without the film. Please?

Sam wants to be home when it's time to take off the film (maybe tonight). There is something kind of weirdly fun about peeling back such a big piece of film. I hope we don't have to scrape too much paint off of the mirror.

That's all for now. I'm scheduling this post to publish while I have the kiddos off at swim lessons. I thank God everyday for our pool membership. Seriously. Hope you're enjoying lovely weather wherever you are, too! :)

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Anonymous said...

hi! I finally found out how to work this :) loved the Grandma story ! your house is coming along beautifully and I thank you for having me a few weeks ago. was lots of fun and I miss you all. can't wait 'til August!!!! love Susan-Mom-Gramma