Wednesday, July 21, 2010

stay at home mom style: building a personal wardrobe

Megan of Charade Style

When I first sat down to write this post, I started by writing around a handful of helpful links I had found about building a personal wardrobe. You know, a "core" wardrobe or a "capsule" wardrobe: the long-lasting, basic pieces that lay the foundation for every outfit you wear. It's an idea that is as old as the hills, and with good reason. Wardrobing saves you money in the long run, saves you space as you develop multiple looks from just a few items, saves you time by simplifying your closet and streamlining your style, and all the while making you look more put together and stylish! I had a few great links picked out for you, but, while I was visiting over at it quickly became apparent that, really, Girl had already said all I could even try to say and then some. Megan has managed to beautifully sum up everything you (and I) need to know.

I shared her blog with you first the other day when I referenced this excellent post on wardrobing. That link was my initial exposure to her site, but I've been back a number of times this week. Let me tell you, this little thing knows her stuff! She's a college student across the pond, but don't let her age scare you off. Megan has plenty of wonderful insight and advice for any woman looking to amp up her personal style.

After extensively checking out her archives, allow me to share two more of my favorite Charade Style posts.

The Ultimate Geek's Guide to Fashion Budgeting

The Dream Style Series

The second link there is actually, as you can see, a series. The beginning posts in the series are definitely worth reading, but the third really gives us what we want and gets in on the practical implimentation. I'm a big believer in knowing the "why" behind the "how", though, so please don't miss out on the more thoughtful posts. Sam has to work from home for a few hours this evening, so I'm planning on re-reading her dream style series tonight. Megan brought up some really thought-provoking ideas and I want to consider them more carefully!

Hope you enjoy the links, ladies :)

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