Saturday, September 11, 2010

Destination Inspiration

Thanks for your sweet thoughts on my last post (and the phone calls, Mom & Susan). All is well. I still miss them, of course, but the hardest part - the goodbyes - are over and it looks like I may get to go out to D.C. and visit this fall :) Knowing that really makes the move so much easier. This way goodbye isn't really goodbye, you know?

I've downloaded all of our Door County photos, but I haven't gotten them uploaded into a post, yet. My computer is terribly slow these days. I may need to just pick and choose a few favorites, focusing on the ones that have more to do with design and inspiration. Door County never fails to inspire me. The gardens, y'all. Oh, the gardens. I go "shopping" everytime we go up there during the tourist season, but it isn't really for the shopping at all. It's for the fabulous perennial gardens in the front yards of the stores. I always come away dreaming of some new plant combination or - at this house - just any old plant. I have precious few planted here. I miss my flowers.

Here's a sneakety peek into the goodness that is Door County. I'm telling ya, if you've ever wanted to know what my idea of a perfect house is, wonder no longer. This place is IT. Classic beauty. More soon...

Hope you all are doing well! And welcome to new subscribers. I'd love to hear from you :)

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ella@lifeologia said...

That does look like a perfect house ;)

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