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Door County Inspiration: The White Gull Inn (Part Un)

White Gull Inn
Fishcreek, Wisconsin

Maybe it's just that I have a sentimental connection to this place. It was one of the places I remember going to with Sam the first summer I vacationed here with his family. It was August 1999, and we were one month shy of getting engaged. He couldn't keep his eyes off me ;)

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But, I'm pretty sure that, although part of the draw to the White Gull Inn is that it's been a treat each summer for the entire eleven years that Sam and I have been together, I'm also pretty sure that the stuffed french toast has something to do with it, too. The cherry stuffed french toast. Tart cherries. French toast stuffed with cream cheese. Ooh, man. Num.

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Good Morning, America liked it, too. They named it The Best Breakfast in America earlier this summer. That link is a video and my cheeks hurt from smiling so HUGE while watching it. The coolest thing about this honor is that the winning dish features local Door County cherries - the original bedrock of Door County's economy. Door County = tart cherry. There are cherry orchards lining the backroads and the highways. Chocolate-covered cherries in the gift shops, tart cherry juice to mix with your seltzer water, cherry preserves, and of course plenty of cherry themed options on the menus. The area has changed quite a lot over the last 30 odd years, becoming increasingly a tourist destination. One thing stays the same, though. Those delightfully sour, juicy packages of perfection. It's just so neat to see such a time-honored Door County tradition get recognition. Plus, y'all,
it good.

Beyond the grub, the White Gull Inn is a source of inspiration for the gardener and house enthusiast, as well. Like many "front yards" in Door County, The White Gull Inn has a front garden with gorgeous combinations.

These gardens all have a similar feel to them - a little chaotic, but planned out. (oopsey on the hose - Door Co. is nothing if not laid back!) Their seeming ultracasual look is deceiving. These gardens are planted by folks who know what they're doing. There's room for a little chance thrown in, but there seems to be a lot of time and love that goes into these gardens. My mother-in-law knows that, don't you, Susan? "Love", right ;) They make shopping in these little towns such a complete pleasure. I stop all the time to stand and admire the posies.

The Inn is a historic one, and it's oozing with charm. I really can't think of a whole lot more charming than some of the older homes and their gardens. I'll have to take photos of a few more of my favorites next year, just to share with you.

Look at that. Could Ageratum ( the little bluish flower) be used to better effect than this?

And who would think to put it next to such a bright canary yellow (Heliopsis, I think)? I think that has something to do with the overall feeling that this garden was serendipitous. Seeds cast to fall where they may. That might actually be the case, but I still think it was planned to look unplanned. What do you think?

Big, white cosmos was everywhere in Door County gardens this August. No doubt, it has to be one of the annuals that goes in when I finally get some blooms here at home. Aren't they fantastic?

Even the business car is inspiring. Seriously, how awesome is this?

Loving the flooring on the front porch. I've never been to New England. Is it kind of like this?

This is the back of the main restaurant/inn. The dining room is on the first floor with the guest rooms above. We always stay with Sam's parents, but it would be fun to have a little get-a-way here some time. It may have a two night minimum during the tourist season, though.

When we were here last month, Sam and I sat at the table in the center of the photo. Guess what I ordered. How'd you do that?! You're right! Cherry stuffed french toast :)

The other day I shared a photo of one of my favorite houses of all time. It's an outbuilding "cottage" of The White Gull Inn with additional rooms. I've never been inside, because it doesn't have general public areas. That house and the yard around it will have to be saved for next week. This post is already so long!

Thanks for reading, guys. And thanks for the What I Wore Wednesday encouragement. I missed today, but I plan to stand in front of the mirror and take my own picture like a huge dork tomorrow :)

Have a great weekend!

p.s. PLEASE DO NOT USE MY PHOTOS OF DOOR COUNTY WITHOUT GIVING CREDIT TO homeforthebetter. (not yelling, just emphasizing) Thanks!

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Gorgeous gardens, amazing porch, and fantastic french toast - I'm sold. It sounds like a place I'd love. Thanks for sharing.