Monday, September 20, 2010

Door County Inspiration: The White Gull Inn (Part Deux)

The first part of these White Gull Inn posts can be found here.

So, I left off telling you that Sam and I sat at this center table for our lunch (the one in the foreground). It was chillier than I had expected, so I was glad to have a sweater. I knew I definitely wanted to sit outside.

Here I am bundled up with my sweater around my shoulders. Sam snuck up from behind and nabbed a picture of me staring off into space.

Cherry stuffed french toast via

Nummy nummy num. Here's the french toast I had for lunch. Except, I had a half order. It's so rich. There's sweetened cream cheese stuffed in there! With maple syrup on top! Our server said that often customers will order the half portion to split for dessert. I thought that was a fabulous idea. The White Gull Inn always uses these pretty red and white transferware place settings. See that paper placemat underneath? It's a map of Door County with little bits of trivia printed around the peninsula. Paper placemats are just how Door County rolls. It's a vacation spot and laid back ease is the over-all feel. Even nicer restaurants often serve butter in foil wrappers or sour cream on the side in a little paper ramiken. You get used to it, though. Nothing stuffy in these parts. The food at the White Gull Inn is very good. Paper napkins or no :)

Sometime I'll do a post for you about Door County restaurants that offer a slightly more formal ambience. The White Gull Inn is quaint and tasty.

And, as you've already seen, if you eat outside, it has a great patio.

I wasn't really staring off into space in that sneaky shot Sam took. I was looking at this...

... and this...

... and this. This is the side porch of The House. My dream house. Give me a break. Look at those porches. That top porch was made for early morning coffee with your snook-ums. Or whatever you call each other. Not that I call Sam "snook-ums". You know.


The pathway leading up to the front door from the dining patio. That's an amazing sunroom porch, guys. This exterior seriously could not get any better in my mind. No french castle, no coastal mansion, no city penthouse condo - this is perfection. I can't think of a single thing that would improve upon this for me. There's no American flag because that's on the main inn right next door, so maybe a flag by the front door would be added to really, truly make it 100% perfecto. This is so elegant and dignified, but it's still approachable and comfortable, too.

Look at the windows.

And the lanterns.

And the double porches on the other side. I was so inspired by the landscaping around this corner of the house/inn. It's so simple, but it has a sophistication about it, too.

Here you can see where The Perfect House is in relation to the main inn. The dining patio is toward the back of the buildings and in-between the two, positioned more closely to the main inn. Isn't this just a dream? What do you all think? Am I making more of it than you would? I know everyone is drawn toward different looks and ideals. What do you think of this property?

I think it's just perfect :)

p.s. As before, please DO NOT use these photos without giving proper credit to - thanks!

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