Sunday, October 21, 2012

BIG DADDY Phone Dump!

I knew it had been too long since I last downloaded my iPhone photos. I admit, though, I was a bit surprised that there were over 1100 of them! That took a while.

I'm still thinking a lot about composition these days, and as I looked at my instagrams, I thought - you know, Instagram is a wonderful thing. It forces you to squeeze a story into a 2" square and a caption. I think that's helped me improve my dslr shots. Looking for interesting lines, using the background/foreground, arranging things for a balanced whole... I've been working on composition while only half realizing it!

It's been a crazy fall. Full but full of good things. From this point on, though, it looks like we'll have a little breather before the holidays. So needed.

Here's the fall so far, via Instagram. Enjoy!

See? I told you it was a big ol' phone dump.

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Melissa said...

Love all the rainbows. :)

Melissa said...
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