Monday, October 15, 2012


Before getting back to blogging in real time, I wanted to share some of Baby's first birthday photos. Can you believe how fast this year has gone? I know... everyone says that. But, seriously.

She's cracking me up these days. Getting a silly sense of humor. Totally understanding what I'm saying to her. Not always liking it, but understanding it.

She's a treat.

So, consider this your belated invitation to join us in celebrating her big day. August 23, 2012... ONE!

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Very happy day.


Check out this house tour on Home Made Lovely. I love it. Such a good example of how handmade, personal items can work in a home that's not over-the-top crafty. Beautiful. I went a little pin crazy!

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Jared and Ashley Morgan said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! And so close in age to my little one. Your photography is already sooo good!! You don't even need to be taking this course!! I can't wait to see what pictures you do take during it. I read some on your blog and really enjoyed it!