Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October: 10 (and a few more) on 10


I love it when I actually remember that it's the tenth. Even better when I manage to keep my camera with me all day and get 10 shots!

I'm bending the rules a bit to put in a couple more than 10 this time. But the hours were the same. 10+ photos. 10 consecutive hours. 10th day. And this time... 10th month, too! Ten on ten!


He was "helping" feed the baby some more puffs while I made breakfast. Oops.

Her finger is up her nose kind of often (see preceding post). Maybe I should take a look up there?



I couldn't resist setting this one up. She legitimately needed a bath... but she doesn't always toddle down the hall nekky. That part was a bonus I threw in. For you.

Inappropriate? Possibly. But only a teeny bit.


Sister took a little play break before starting her math.

And this was the scene on the other side of the room.

If it's not math with a tiara, it's math with a tutu.

Standing up. Always.


Still chugging away on some "morning" school. Some of us were moving in slo-mo this morning... just seemed like we weren't getting anywhere.

Of course, maybe it was just that we were trying to squeeze 80 bajillion loads of laundry into the school day. Maybe that put us back a bit.

Shug very sweetly folded most of this. That is such a tremendous blessing!


Outlet weirdness in one of the bedrooms. We are not down with outlet weirdness. Sam came home from lunch to work on it.

I really like this picture. I'm glad he goes to work in a tie ;)


Library books. Overdue. AGAIN!

At least our money is going to a good cause.


On the way home from the first library (we had to return books to two), we drove by a pretty, little city park. I glanced at my camera. I glanced at the clock. Close enough to three o'clock for me! 10 on 10 photo opp!

They were cold. The wind was picking up and the temps were dropping quickly as the afternoon went on. We hadn't really planned on getting out of the van. The library drop-offs were drive-thrus. They were even in flip flops. Nice one, Mom. I didn't notice at the time that they had their hands clenched tightly. COLD. They did a good job, though, keeping the rest of themselves looking comfortable. Thanks, kids!


Frosties from Wendy's. Do you have Wendy's where you live? Started in Columbus. I'm not sure how many states they're in now. Anyway, chocolatey milkshake type thing. I bribed them to sit in the cold wind for the previous picture by telling them I'd get them frosties. So, after the second library... frostie goodness.


Home to hurry up and get Punkin in her soccer gear, scare up reasonably warm clothes for everyone (even though I still haven't done the fall clothes shopping), banana snack for Baby, and I started the first part of dinner and set it in the oven for later.

Bundled up and headed to the game.


Which was, by the way, COLD. As so adeptly shown here by Brother.

Baby and I spent the whole second half in the van!

That's it! That's our day from 9am to 6pm. Documented for all time.

Good night!


mmcgre01 said...

You have a wonderful eye. These pics are gorgeous. Favorite? The math in tutu. Lovely.

Yvette said...

Beautiful set! Love life in black and white!

Angel said...

Gorgeous shots!
Finger up the nose and bonus naked in the hall...hahahahah!
My daughter always stands up too.
Last shot, awesome.

Jess @ said...

Loved these pictures! What is it about baby-buns?! We have Wendy's near's actually the only fast food place we'll go to anymore.

mommy of Five said...

you visited my blog ( and instantly I knew i had to check yours out! i love the littel crack! your photos are awesome, thanks for the prayers for my family..

Angee @ October Morning said...

I love your set. Your kiddos are adorable.

Erin said...

Such LOVELY pictures. And adorable family!