Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Before Pics and Removing Trim: SweetP Edition

One week after removing the trim in Shug and Punkin's room, I got down to business taking down the trim in SweetP's bedroom, too. This time it was evening, Sam was subbing in an indoor soccer game, and a Pooh Bear video was my strategy. Here are the before pics... self explanatory. Thanks for looking!

The view as you come in the door.

The headboard wall (or lack thereof)

Immediately to the right as you enter (and Little Dude trying to smile)

Closet (and toad cage) across from the headboard wall


First piece off!

See my paint swatches by the doorway? It always takes me a few tries before I decide on a color.

The longest piece, yet. A little tricky to maneuver, but I got it in the garage!

Proof of the previous owner's amazing painting skills. What's funny is that this blue on the baseboards is from the 1st owner's son, who wanted his room painted Michigan Blue (I met the couple that built this house - they're lovely people). That means two additional owners lived here without do something about the very noticeable blue smears on the baseboards. We're the 4th family to live in the house. Props to the first owner for letting her kids help with the painting, but note to self - if the children help, have them help in the middle of the wall, not the edges.

Total time to finish most of the room - a little over an hour

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