Thursday, August 6, 2009

With a Little Love (and some exterior paint)

I think we're getting somewhere :)

March 20, 2009

August 6, 2009

We were able to get the flag up right on the 4th of July. It had been my goal to get it up by then (we had it by the front door of our previous house), and we made it! Sam made the mount with some scrap wood and a router, drilling it into the mortar instead of through a brick. After I painted it with one of our exterior colors, he screwed the flag holder base to it and there ya go! :) Our pole had seen better days, so I grabbed the can of glossy black paint in the garage and gave it a few coats. We finished and had the flag up, literally, on July 4th. It instantly made the house feel more like home.

Isn't it cheery? I love an American flag by the front door.


Cathy said...

Jacci, did you get all of the shutters up? I just love the colors you have chosen for them. Yes, a flag looks great on the outside of a home. We have a flag pole (as you know) but do not always put it out. :( Give kisses.

Jacci said...

The shutters are all up! :) I'm hoping we'll get the octagonal thingy near the peak of the roof painted very soon, and then I'll post some official "after" photos.

You're very sweet to comment twice in one day, by the way :) I love it!


Sherry Petersik said...

Gorgie gorgie gorgeous! Love the posh transformation.