Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gratitude to a Much Appreciated Sponsor...

... whose constant support ensures that naptime projects like the following can be accomplished:

Removed more of the carpet tiles in Spare Oom on Friday afternoon while the younger ones napped and the older ones read. A vacuum and a good mopping made this room somewhat useable until the new flooring is installed in the spring.

Thanks, Coke Hero... I mean, Zero.


Cathy said...

Jacci, didn't you all go to Sandusky? I thought Heather said you, Joy, Heather, and Lauren were going up there to check it out. Just wondering. Your blog wears me out just looking at it, girl. LOL Love, Mom

Jacci said...

Hey, Mom :) We did - but on Blogger you can write a post and save it to publish automatically later. I wrote this post on Friday, but scheduled it to post on Saturday while I was gallavanting all over Ohio with my sister and two young kiddos. Careul what you write, though - it's all a surprise for Sam :)