Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Special Order Doors Are In!!!

Hot dog! The new doors are here!!!

Hoping to get them painted and hung within the week. Yes, in the picture below, the doors seem too large for the space. That's because they are. We had to custom order the doors ($) because they are sooooo short here (there's a vent that runs across the ceiling there - making the door opening extremely short). This is the smallest we could get them! Sam will have to take an additional 2" off. It's the best we can do with this weird ceiling height. There are no holes for knobs, either, because Home Depot recommended placing them after resizing the doors. Makes sense.

First, though, I have to choose a paint color... I tested SW's "Aesthetic White" on the entryway walls and "Accessible Beige" on the doors and trim. Aesthetic White turned out to be more like Aesthetic Pale Blue, so that's a no go. Accessible Beige is a definite possibility for the doors and trim throughout the entryway and family room - if the walls are whiter. Of course, this does not include the doors that will be black.

I'll be testing BMoore's "Carrington Beige" for the trim/door color next week, and also BM's "White Dove" and "Decorator's White" for the entry and family room walls.

Then, I can paint the new doors and finish up those entryway doors that I've been testing on. Hoorah for covered water heaters and furnaces :)

P.S. At risk of being really pitiful - I see you people lurking and not commenting. After yesterday's post, there were 12 people on here at one time, and no comments! C'mon, now. Make a girl's day and say something nice :)


Cathy said...

Jacci, I love, love, love the new doors. I am sorry I have been lurking and not commenting. BTW, how is everyone? Give lots of hugs and kisses. Love, mom

Jacci said...

Awww.... it's MOM!!! :) Thank you for commenting! And, yes, you are total stinker for not comment every single time! ;)

We're great! I'll call you tomorrow after you get home :)


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a lurker too..... I am just loving the progress you are making on your rooms! Sigh... I so look forward to having a house of my own!

Erika said...

Sorry, I have been lurking also. I am the one that loved the black door post! I still that they will look fabulous. All your work has inspired me to keep going on my house!! Looking forward to more before and afters

The Country Nest said...

Love your black doors!!