Monday, January 11, 2010

Now It's Getting Fun

I've come full circle with my new camera today. Earlier this afternoon I was convinced it was defective :)

But, with Darby's help, things started to make a little more sense. She also encouraged me to dig into the software that came with the camera - Digital Photo Professional. I can't tell you how great it was to have her encouragement today! If I haven't mentioned it before, let me say it now - there are some really great bloggers out there.

Our second term of school starts tomorrow, so I'd better get my pretty little head in bed! Thanks so much for all of the input on our brick, guys :) We're hoping to get going on the walls and paneling once we get a good thaw. Then, the plan is, as of now, to paint it ALL!!! Woo hoo!

Have a good one!



Stephen and Larissa said...

That picture is incredible! What model is your camera?

vintage simple said...

I love this photograph, Jacci. Just beautiful.


dianneavery said...

This is lovely. Have you heard of flickr? If so, go there and search for your cameras group. You can get lots of great advice there.

Jacci said...

Thanks, Dianne. I have photos on Flickr, but I didn't think about finding a Canon XSI *group*.

Thank you!