Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pioneer Woman's 2 Millionth Reader (and Playdoh, too)

Well, I finally got on board. Since everyone and their mother's mother is reading her, I decided to add The Pioneer Woman to my bloggy reading list. I read blogs old school style - no readers. So, I keep track of who's posting what by following the right sidebar of my own blog. High tech, I know. I'll give the PW a few weeks to decide if she stays there or not.

I've browsed The Pioneer Woman's blog before - a few times actually. But,
Darby's post today finally convinced me that I need to be trying some of those PW recipes. I admit, this does look pretty tasty...

I'll let you know if I try any. I think we might have to have a fridge, though, before we stock up on some of her ingredients. That's in process, still, but I think we're narrowed down to two choices.

New topic, now :) One of my few New Year's Resolutions for 2010 was to make sure I'm fitting in pre-schoolish fun time for the younger ones on a more regular basis. By the time we take care of regular housework, do second grade and third grade school work, and do academic preschool/kindergarten things with Punkin each day - I admit, there isn't a lot of craft time going on. They play a lot, of course, and come up with all kinds of unstructured, fun things to do and the older girls often sew, knit, bead, etc. during the younger ones' naptimes, but Little Dude and Punkin get much less of that painting-cutting-pasting sort of thing than the olders did at this age. So, I've resolved, by God's grace, to fit that into our days more this year. Also, to actually sit down and craft more with the older girls when they do their thing.

So far in 2010, I've spent one afternoon sewing doll clothes with SweetP and Shug and we've busted out the Playdoh (with MANY new colors from Uncle Will) for a serious Playdoh session. Of course, all of those pretty colors meant I had to practice some more with my new camera :)

We have 4-6" of snow forcasted for the next 24 hours. We have about 2" on the ground already. Six inches of now means one thing at this house - SLEDDING. Hopefully, we'll be able to go before the week is out! In the meantime, today's plan includes watercolors and cocoa :) Hope you're enjoying cozy days wherever you are, too.


Green Design said...

Hey, I'm glad to see your narrowing down your choices for a refrigerator. What are they if I may ask? Your children are adorable, hope to read more soon.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Cute kidddos!

Janene said...

Can't go wrong with Playdoh! A kids activity that will keep them busy for hours!
By the way, your children are adorable!

Jacci said...

Hi, guys :) Nice to hear from you all! Green - I'll post pics of our choice this coming week. I think the fridge is supposed to arrive in about 10 more days. Maybe I should do a post on cooking for six people without refrigeration? ;)

Actually, if the old fridge were going to break, I'm glad it did now. Our garage is soooooo cold that we can easily keep milk, butter, and eggs on a shelf out there. So, that's handy!

Thanks for the comments, y'all!


Green Design said...

I look forward to it :). If you can cook for six people, that's better than me I can't even cook.