Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome, New Refrigerator

We think you're pretty fun.

Mama thinks you're pretty white

and that you make our cabinets look

which I guess she didn't like, but she only cried for a few minutes. Mama can be kind of silly sometimes. We love her anyway.

Then she said she'd deal with the color part later, and hung our paintings up :) That made her smile.

You're very shiny and bright, Refrigerator.

We're glad you're here. Now we don't have to keep our milk in the garage anymore.

The End.

Posted several days later: I just wanted to say that perspective is everything. So my fridge is too white. Oh, well. I cried for a few seconds - more at the thought of possibly having to repaint the cabinets than anything else - but in an hour I wasn't thinking about it anymore at all. Life goes on and, in the grand scheme of things, that extremely white fridge matters very little except that it meets a need for our family. I really am thankful to have a new fridge to keep food for us all. We have been given so much. Lord, help me not take it for granted.


Cathy said...

It is white. Hey, wanna trade? No seriously is is beautiful. I would love to see the freezer section. I always love seeing pictures of the kids. That black and white of Shug yesterday is gorgeous! Give kisses and have someone kiss u for your mom and dad. Love always mom

cousin Deb said...

Very nice!